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The Troy Mainnet Officially Completed the 250 Creation Stage

At 10:52 am on June 5th, 2021(GMT+8), the Troy mainnet ushered in the activation of the 31375th node at block height 32435424, realizing the leap from the 250th column to the 251st column of the mainnet, marking the creation stage of the Osasion public chain Officially ended.

On December 2nd, 2020(GMT+8), the Troy mainnet completed the first node activation. According to the data on the Osasion chain, it has taken 185 days to complete the first 250 columns of the Troy mainnet, with an average of 169 nodes activated per day.The current number of active nodes is 31,379, and the number of dormant nodes reaches 15,731, accounting for 50.13% of the total number of currently active nodes. The AUC consensus target is $2.60, and the total amount of AUC output reached 4,402,741 AUC, accounting for 3.2% of the total AUC circulation in the mining pool. The cumulative quota of the AUC consensus guarantee pool exceeds 20,965 AUC, and the cumulative quota of block synchronization ledgers exceeds 20,965 AUC. A total of seven block synchronization ledgers have been distributed. The total amount of the destruction pool exceeded 30,220 AUC, accounting for 0.68% of the total AUC circulation, and the total amount of the ecological balance pool exceeded 832,7161 UORA.

With the orderly distribution of the first 250 creation contracts on the Troy mainnet, it means that Osasion’s degree of decentralization and community autonomy will be further deepened, and the community development and project trends after the 250 columns will be more fair and just. According to the Osasion white paper, all nodes within 500 columns of the main network will be distributed upwards and this column is not included. From the 501st column of the main network, the AUC rewards produced by the subsequently stimulated nodes will only be allocated to the 250 columns.

At present, a total of 246 Troy mainnet communities have been created, and 155 eligible blocks have been synchronized. The number of nodes participating in the block synchronization ledger voting reached 22,216, accounting for 70.79% of the total number of nodes. Among them, Senlin Community and Xichang Community are large communities with more than 1,000 voting addresses. In terms of community voting participation, most node users stationed in the Troy network are willing to participate in the construction and construction of the community, which means that the degree of consensus among node users on the Osasion public chain has increased. The development of the community is also in line with Osasion’s development history, and it also means that Osasion’s future will also be closer to fairness and justice.

About Osasion

Osasion public chain is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem on the decentralized asset consensus chain.The first MPOS consensus mechanism will create a distributed and decentralized financial empowerment network that is jointly built and shared by the main body of consensus. Financial innovation at the protocol layer will promote the fairness and scalability of the encrypted asset world.Osasion integrates consensus to build assets. Through a new ecological digital economy of distributed governance, it fits the core concept of decentralized finance and is committed to building an asset consensus public chain that benefits tens of millions of consensus nodes.

Osasion public chain created the world’s first MPOS (Multiple consensus impower single sign-on Proof of stake), and established a completely decentralized distributed node autonomous system through 25 million nodes.The joint construction of the overall public chain nodes allows everyone to participate and reward fairness and justice.The design of the node puts users in the network, and Osasion’s nodes will no longer be users but participants in the main body of the public chain, enjoying the rights of users and owners.

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