Auctionity Club Announcement

[TL; DR] We absolutely value you, our community, your input and involvement. This is why we created the Auctionity Club.
Auctionity Club is now live!

Ever since DomRaider made its debut in the blockchain world last year, it is your support that has kept us going forward.

As announced in our last story, our team has been doing a lot on the infrastructure of Auctionity to ensure its reliability and scalability as we are pushing forward with the development of the platform, and especially with the much awaited feature, Payment Guarantee, scheduled for the end of June.

Meanwhile, DomRaider has also worked hard behind the scenes to build a reward program and to grow the DRT community. We wish to gather as many people as possible from our community behind our project. This is done in order to support our long term project to completely revolutionise the way people sell and buy at auctions. The launch of the Auctionity Club aims at rewarding our long-term DRT believers for their loyalty and provide them with an exclusive group to join. This Auctionity Club will bring more value to the token and be the cornerstone of the upcoming Auctionity ecosystem.

Today, we are really excited to announce that the Auctionity Club is now live!

The aim of the Auctionity Club is to gather DRT supporter, reward them for their loyalty and encourage them to spread the word and help increase the value of the DRT. Another ambitions of the club is to develop the DRT brand awareness and attract new believers of the DRT to grow the community. We hope you will appreciate it!

Before you visit and join us, let us give you a small glimpse of what you will find in the Auctionity Club right now and what you can expect from it later:

This club has been created to reward your loyalty. So by joining the Club, you will become ambassadors of the Domraider Token, uniting and engaging others around our Auctionity project.

Features already available include:

  • Payment by credit card: buy DRT by card directly from
  • Certification of your account: Get access to new functionalities by certifying your account manually or by credit card
  • Achievement board: take a look at the steps you have achieved and redeem your rewards
  • Social sharing: spread the word by sharing our latest news, tweet or retweet to get rewards
  • Be the first to get exclusive news and your Monthly Report
  • Following DRT informations (actual price, volume, market cap)

You will also reap the benefits of other great features coming this summer, such as sponsorship, affiliation, contribution by submitting original content to get rewards and become an auctioneer. We will give you more information soon.

Early bird special registration

There is a proverb saying that “the early bird catches the worm“, which means that whoever arrives first has the best chance of success; some opportunities are only available to the first comers.(Source: Wiktionary)

With that in mind we’re offering 50 DRT medals to the first certified accounts to the Auctionity club.

We are also offering an exclusive DRT reward for every person whose account is certified by the end of this month.

Haven’t registered yet? — Hurry up, click here to join the Auctionity club.

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