Auctionity is Hiring

Embrace blockchain technology

We are hiring for our tech team at DomRaider to work on Auctionity, our blockchain auctions project. Blockchain is a wide technological ecosystem where developers, security experts, mathematicians, network and system engineers think and work together.

Specifically, we are looking for people who code++, but not also. We are looking first for Talent and Commitment, that means you have to be passionate about blockchain does.

We are looking for people who have a broad set of skills, because you’ll need to be comfortable performing in different areas. You may be coding in the morning, reading a new consensus algorithm paper before lunch, reviewing your mate code and solving a critical node failure in the afternoon.

People at DomRaider must dares to take initiatives and actively find problems and drawbacks in order to improve existing code or stuff.

Great place to work

We have office workspace in Clermont-Ferrand, in France. You will be asked to be in the office, but some home office is possible sometimes. You are going to spend some time with us — at the office, hangouts, video games, trail runs, or bbqs.

Innovation and empowerment are among the DomRaider’s core priorities.

Involded in Clermont-Ferrand dynamism, we are organizing our first DevTalk on March 22th to talk about blockchain technology, our vision and what we do. It will be a great opportunity to meet us and think about the possibility to join our team!

DomRaider DevTalk:

If you are up to the challenge, contact us at or just have a look at our offers on (yes you should speak a little bit of french, espacially if you want to understand daily puns and jokes)

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