DomRaider ICO is successfully over! What’s next?

The DomRaider ICO successfully ended on October 9th. In this video, Tristan Colombet, CEO and founder of DomRaider wants to thank every DomRaider supporters and contributors and explain the vision of the Decentralized Blockchain Auctions in Real-Time

Tristan Colombet, CEO and founder of DomRaider thanks DRT supports and explain the strategical developments coming soon

A successful Initial Coin Offering

During the pre-sale and sales we sold out 560 million of DRT and closed our stretch goals.

Thanks to you, our backers, we have this achievement. Thank you for your support, for your belief in us and in our project. We finished our ICO 3 days earlier than we planned.

All our team THANKS YOU, our community! We are eternally grateful for your belief in us, in our plans and projects.

We contributed a lot in Initial Coin Offering popularization all over the world. We open new opportunities together with our partners–all this is thanks to you.

So where are my DomRaider Tokens?

We have credited all DomRaider Tokens owners with their new shiny tokens in the nearest future, before October 18th. In a short period of time we will send last DomRaider tokens to all backers

The ICO ends but this is just the begining.

The ICO ended but it does not mean we will now have some rest. Not at all! This is just the beginning of the development of a great ecosystem dedicated to auctions. Our Dev team has began to work on the development of this open-source blockchain. As we previously said, it will be transparent, reliable, adaptable and interoperable withouth compromising on speed.

We will keep you informed regulary with Dev news update.

Don’t forget that DomRaider is not just a token and a concept, but a solid roadmap and a concrete set-up.

We will continue our efforts to spread the word as we want to develop a big community. The bigger community the successful the project will be!

Once again, this just the beginning. Support DomRaider!