DomRaider Token’s Milestones

Explore the timeline showing the development milestones for the DomRaider Token. Learn more about the goals attached to it and the vision powering it.

Welcome to another update! More than a simple roadmap, we would like to share with you our vision and strategic ambition for the DomRaider Token.

DomRaider introduced Auctionity, our blockchain ecosystem to decentralize and secure auctions on a worldwide scale. Fully transparent bidding, payment guarantee and on-chain delivery guarantee are the 3 pillars of this world premiere project. DRT will have a usage for Payment Guarantee that will come later, increasing the value of the token.

The DomRaider Token roadmap will be regularly updated. We want to hear about your ideas for the roadmap, you are welcome to join the community and tell us more on what you think.

Generalizing the use of tokens:

Helping the DRT community grow by increasing the number of token holders. More holders means improved project dynamics and an increased level of demand. We aim to share our ambitions with as many new crypto enthusiasts as possible. We are focused on attracting new token holders and rewarding the loyalty of already existing ones.

  • 2.000 ✅
  • 5.000 ✅
  • 10.000 ➡️ today we have 7851 DRT holders
  • 20.000
  • 50.000

Facilitating token transaction:

Getting the DRT listed on various major exchanges will allow more enthusiasts to join the community around the project. Trust, volumes and ease of use are our main criteria to decide which of the greatest exchanges to choose. Negotiating with them to get listed and add new currency-pairs is our top priority.

  • 1st exchange ✅
  • First 2 exchanges ✅
  • First 5 exchanges: right now 4
  • First exchange in top10 ✅
  • First 10 exchanges

Boosting token usage:

On the blockchain, token transactions greatly reflects the vitality and usage of a token. More movement means more actions from holders. Beyond trading, real use of the token for its intended purpose is key to any blockchain-related project. Auctionity’s process will soon require many token transfers to guarantee auction payments.

  • First 10K token transactions ✅
  • First 20K token transactions: 15K
  • First 50K token transactions
  • First 100K token transactions
  • First 200K token transactions

Token Holders benefit

Meanwhile, DomRaider is working towards growing and tending to the community of DRT holders. In order to do that, we will increase the number of token holders and generete loyalty by generalizing the use of DRT and rewarding the community of DRT holders.

  • referral & loyalty program
  • exclusive information
  • auctioning room & live auctions
  • permanent bounty incentives

Announcements regarding the DomRaider Token and every news around its usage are published on a regular basis on our dedicated Medium. In addition you can also have a look at the DomRaider token dedicated website:

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