DomRaider Unveils the First Version of their Blockchain Based Auction Solution under the New Brand Name Auctionity

DomRaider Group is pleased to present the initial version of its blockchain-powered auctions solution under the new brand name Auctionity. DomRaider has been working relentlessly to develop an open-source solution that will allow real-time management of auctions, leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of the blockchain technology.

The auctions platform Auctionity promises to be an innovative solution for all auctioning players worldwide, including live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services and online auction providers. This will be the world’s first decentralized network for real-time management of any auction worldwide, both online as well as in the auctioning room.

Some of the key attributes of the Auctionity blockchain solution will be:

  • Publicly verifiable auctions that are tamper-proof
  • Worldwide auctions accessible through generic interfaces
  • Consensus on bids in less than one second
  • Very low transaction cost

The release of the first version of Auctionity is a giant leap forward for DomRaider Group on the road to succeed in their ambitious plan of revolutionizing auctions through blockchain technology.

“This MVP was designed to be very easy to set up and to use. It is meant to be a mainstream and user-friendly tool so that anyone wishing to sell an object through auctions, on a website or blog for example, could do so quickly and easily” — says Etienne Roudeix, the Blockchain Product Manager for Auctionity.

Following the formal introduction of Auctionity, the next step for DomRaider will be to implement this solution with the major players in the auction industry or those willing to provide this type of service in the future. To this end, we have recently partnered with NAVIADDRESS, a well-known digital address platform. Another distinguished industry player is expected to partner with DomRaider to support the deployment strategy of Auctionity.

“We have been in contact for several weeks with a potential partner and the first technical tests will be conducted in the near future. Our objective in the next month is to work in this direction and multiply opportunities similar to this one in order to eventually gain the support of national and international players and have them convinced of the added value Auctionity can bring.” — says Tristan Colombet, the CEO of DomRaider.

The DomRaider team is extremely confident that the price of their token, the DRT will experience a surge in days to come. We are all set to launch our new website, dedicated to the DRT token with specific features for DRT holders, roadmap for the DRT, and incentive program for DRT holders.

“To keep our word and to show actual progress on our project is a key reassurance factor for our community,’ explains Damien Henriques, CMO of DomRaider. “The DRT is already tradable on three exchanges, viz. HitBTC, EtherDelta and Yobit. It will soon be added to several other exchanges.”

To support our ambitious development plan, DomRaider has recently started a major recruitment drive, opening up over forty new positions with a view to double the size of our current team. Following this recruitment, the company is building dedicated teams specializing in technologies that are key to their market, such as blockchain, digital assets and drop catching.

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