Introducing the Auctionity Saleroom & Community Rewards

Dapp on Ethereum blockchain to auction NFTs + earn money with Auctionity.

Auctionity is a global, 100% Blockchain-based, Public Auctions platform that will start operating in September. We are about to launch the public version of Auctionity that same month, giving everyone the possibility to buy and/or sell Crypto-Collectibles from their favorite NFT and ERC-721 editors.

The Auctionity Saleroom is taking shape for a late-September release. Today, we’re giving you a deeper insight into what Auctionity really is. Karin, our International Development Officer, explains the main features of the platform, giving you a small glimpse of its design.

Auctionity Saleroom

The Saleroom is the place where you can find every Crypto-Collectible available for real-time auctions with every information related to the NFT of your choice: current bid price, time remaining before the auction ends, nft-specific informations…

Sellers deposit their NFT onto the Auctionity Smart Contract and can adjust their settings for the auctions. They can then decide to get some help from the community to promote their auctions (Community Reward).

Buyers have the possibility to purchase a Crypto-Collectible by bidding on it. To do that, the buyer first has to credit his account with ETH on the Auctionity Smart Contract to ensure Payment Guarantee, allowing him to bid. Please note that his funds are locked only temporarily. The winning bidder will get the ownership of the NFT (Delivery Guarantee), and the seller will receive ETH.

From left to right: Auctionity Saleroom Homepage, Dashboard deposit history list

Auctionity Club: Community Rewards

Auctionity is more than a decentralized, ascending auction, platform. With Auctionity, auctions become viral thanks to the community, allowing everyone to earn money by promoting auctions on the platform.

When configuring the auction, the seller has the possibility to get some help from the community to promote his auction, simply by rewarding it with 0% to 50 % of the final sell price.

Rewards work as follows:

  • 30% goes to the bidders’ referrer; for example a blogger who promoted your auction on his website. An extra 30% is given to the referrer who brought the winner.
  • 20% goes to the seller’s referrer, such as NFT wallets, allowing their customers to sell their assets on Auctionity by clicking a link.
  • Finally, 20% goes to the auctioneer who animated the auction with a livestream in the Auctionity Saleroom.

Rewards are split between the bidders’ referrers such as bloggers, the seller’s referrer such as NFT wallets and the auctioneer animating the sale.

Through Auctionity, auctions become viral and the community gets rewarded.

From the Seller’s point of view, the Community Reward ensures a great exposure for his NFT auction, by bringing traffic, animation and thus encouraging higher bids on their auction! As to the referrer, this is an fantastic opportunity for him to earn money.

We are still polishing the final details and we will soon let you know the exact release date for September. Until that, explore the links below for real-time updates from the team:

Telegram | Twitter | Medium | BitcoinTalk | Youtube | Linkedin | Github

We are looking forward to sharing more information with you when we have more details about the official launch of Auctionity next month. Thank you for supporting us!

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