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Auctionity partners with KnownOrigin and sets up a creative challenge dedicated to digital art as non-fungible tokens.

Auctionity partners with to promote digital art

One of the key factors for the success of Auctionity is collaboration. Indeed, the Auctionity team endeavors to build strong relationships within the NFT industry and to support as many blockchain projects whenever we can. We are confident that these actions will allow NFTs to scale up and gain wider adoption.

That is why we are especially glad to announce that Auctionity is partnering with KnownOrigin for the next Creative Challenge.

This creative challenge focuses on the blockchain side of digital art, and especially non-fungible tokens, allowing each piece of artwork to be unique. Tokenization is the concept behind this. Blockchain technology enables a new kind of ownership where every object that can be owned can also tokenized, meaning it can become a token on blockchain. Therefore, information attached to it cannot be tampered with (such as owner, date of creation, date of purchase…).

Submit your artwork and win up to 5 ETH

The challenge is an opportunity for artists and designers to win from a 5 ETH prize fund. Some artworks, including winners, will be showcased and auctioned on the Auctionity platform. That means you could become one of the first-ever artists to sell a piece of artwork on the Auctionity platform! Auctionity is more than a decentralized auction house, it is build so that the community can get involved in auctions to promote it through link sharing or the animation of live auctions by members of the community. Auctions come alive and assets are thus given more visibility.

A group of judges will select artworks from all entries to the challenge and distribute a total amount of 5 ETH among the winners.


To take part in this creative challenge you must submit your design by March 1, 2019 at 6:00 PM (GMT) via the Creative Challenge application form.

A few more rules

  • Artwork size should be at least 3840 x 2160px (Ultra HD)
  • Accepted file types: .jpg, .svg, .gif or vector
  • All designs/artwork must be unique (1 of 1) but you can submit several unique artworks, there is no limit, just your imagination.

You can submit your artwork(s) through THIS FORM.

Now off you go, there’s so much to be created!

About KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin is an Ethereum-based art platform, fully secured on the decentralized web. KnownOrigin empowers artists with a platform to showcase and sell their work securely thanks to blockchain technology. Artists can create rare digital artwork, submit their creations to the gallery and also sell rare digital pieces of art to a new generation of art collectors.

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