Non-fungible Tokens Coverage Series #16

A curated selection of the most meaningful articles, videos and news about NFTs published over these last days.

Non-fungible Tokens Review #16

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting publications about Non-Fungible Tokens in our NFT weekly overview.

Metamask: from desktop to mobile

Big announcement from Metamask at Devcon 4 last week: going on mobile. This annoucement is bringing a revolution and help mass adoption.

When will players get what they pay for? — via Bryce Bladon

In 2017, the games industry generated over $108 billion in revenue. About $82 billion was generated from the sale of virtual items across 2.5-billion players. But players do not get to own these items Interesting article from Dapper Labs

[Podcast] Episode 66: Crypto-Collectibles, What Are They And Why You Should Pay Attention

From No Crypto to Know Crypto gives you a short daily dose of everything cryptocurrency related. This 66th episode is dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens.

CoinGecko Releases 2018 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report — via CoinGecko

Coingeck published its Cryptocurrency Report. In this Q3 report, they analysed the performance of the crypto market with insights into crypto exchanges and ICOs. Interesting aspect of this report is that it shows a rise in Non-Fungible Tokens.

While observing the space, the topic of Masternodes and NFTs have always been at the back of our head. We hear a lot about people running masternodes, both as a mean of supporting a network and also as a method of earning some yield.

CryptoKitties Creator Dapper Labs Raises $15 Million in New Funding Round

Dapper Labs raised an impressive amount of money from respectable investor and says it is planning to use the funds to expand both locally and globally by establishing a U.S. subsidiary led by former executives of the Disney company.

We’ve seen many opportunities and obstacles for mainstream adoption of decentralized technology, and we can’t wait to use its consumer insights to lower the barrier of entry for blockchain and make the values of decentralization accessible to everyone

The Future of Virtual Assets: Introducing the Fractional NFT — by Marc Howard

Interesting write up on fractional ownership with Fractional NFTs

Decentraland Sees A 2.7 Million MANA Token Transaction For Sell of Virtual Land for $215,000

This sale is the platform’s record high.

Thoughts on Fungibility

This article asks a few questions about measuring fungibility and what some sort of standardized measure might look like.

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