Non-Fungible Tokens Coverage Series #7

A curated selection of the most meaningful articles, videos and news about NFT and Crypto-Collectibles published over these last days.

NFT & Crypto-Collectibles Review

This seventh coverage series gathers some of the best and latest news published this week about Non-Fungible Tokens and Crypto-Collectibles. Read our Press Review.

ERC-721 Crypto-Collectibles explained

Hashoshi is a vlogger interested in crypto currency and blockchain technology. In his latest videos he talks about ERC-721 and Crypto-Collectibles.

Blockchain Games: The Current State of Blockchain Gaming Technology

The fusion of Gaming and Blockchain is showing some great potential. The most popular implementation of blockchain technology for gaming is with Non-Fungible assets. This article draws up the current landscape of blockchain gaming, its benefits and obstacles with an insight into what could be coming next.

CryptoKitties will help German museum explain blockchain

When NFTs go IRL in a museum showcase. Another step to make Non-Fungible Tokens more widely known to the public.

ToknTalk: social platform for token holders

Tok’n’Talk was launched recently and it is a social platform for tokens, allowing the exploration of token-oriented communities, grow characters and earn rewards from supporters. A really promising community platform that every ERC-20 & ERC-721 tokens holders should check out.

Why Fungibility matters — by Dusk Network

Fungibility explained, and its advantages for Blockchain Networks.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) explained (ERC-721, ERC-1155)

Boxmining is a daily Youtube blogger, talking about cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and discussing the latest trends. In his last video he explains what Non-Fungible Tokens are, and how NFTs can be traded on the blockchain. He looks into the technologies that make it all happen, and the practical use cases of it!

Apple Orders Coinbase Wallet to Remove Crypto Collectible — via CoinDesk

Not a good news today for NFTs as Apple abruptly removed War Riders that was included in Coinbase wallet. Apple is very cautious with innovation — especially when it does not come from the inside.

Kartashov could not get any clarification about the specific objection from Apple to his app, but concluded:

“I’m not sure what’s exactly bad with people wanting to play games.”

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