Non-fungible Tokens Coverage Series #8

A curated selection of the most meaningful articles, videos and news about NFT and Crypto-Collectibles published over these last days.

NFT & Crypto-Collectibles Review

This eighth coverage series gathers some of the best and latest news published this week about Non-Fungible Tokens and Crypto-Collectibles. Read our Press Review.

The weird, wild and expensive world of blockchain art

This article gives an overview of the crypto-collectible market, how it could help artists protect their work from being copied and how the market is taking shape after the crypto craze of late 2017.

Intrinsic Value of Crypto Collectibles

An interesting article on the intrinsic value of crypto-collectibles as opposed to their speculative value. The author also explains that crypto-collectibles could gain value by being useful across several platforms.

Intrinsic value also shows itself in a facial expression of others when you tell them you bought a digital cat for $100 — haha, got it now?

The One Thing Missing from the ERC 721 Standard for Digital Collectibles on the Blockchain by Riz Virk

Crypto-collectibles are unique and most of their interest derives from the fact that they have an image attached to them. However, the ERC721 does not take that into account

In the ERC721 standard as it’s defined, there is no standard way to associate an image with an id, which means that as far as the blockchain is concerened, each digital asset (or non-fungible token) is just a number!

You can now send CryptoKitties (and other collectibles) with Opera’s cryptocurrency wallet

Dodgers Save The Rainforest: Baseball Collectibles Go Blockchain

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced the first giveaway of digital collectibles in the history of baseball and, most likely, the first crypto giveaway in professional sports.

Building a non-fungible token sales smart contract — by Sebastián Brocher

Here’s a tutorial on how to sell your non-fungible tokens through the ERC721 standard by creating a simple NFT sale smart contract.

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