One Step Closer: the Auctionity Block Explorer has been pushed

Sticking to Auctionity’s roadmap, and following on what was announced last month, the Auctionity Block Explorer has officially been launched after some adjustments and testing by community technicians.

Auctionity has developed its own Block Explorer which allows you to check transactions in its private blockchain. This is a useful tool which can be used to track the history of transactions and ensure yourself the blockchain transparency and immutability.

All blocks, transactions and smart contracts are publicly recorded on the blockchain and you can make a search to find more detail about any of them. The Auctionity Block Explorer is set to become a complete resource in the future.

>> Go now to the Auctionity Block Explorer <<

Auctionity Block Explorer

Tutorial Block Explorer

Need some additional explanations? Watch our tutorial video.

How Can You Help Out?

As with all new launches or updates, we are bound to encounter some bugs, glitches, typos, and find things to improve on.

What is Next for Auctionity?

When we say “we are well on our way” it’s not just words, we mean it and we prove it on a regular basis. We are now moving on to Payment Guarantee. We are not giving an exact date for the release but we’ll only tell you it will be around summer…

Stay tuned!

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