The DomRaider Team is Expanding

DomRaider is hiring: 41 positions available now on

Thanks to the success of its ICO, Domraider has stepped into a new dimension. As a matter of fact, our startup was an already-established leader on the dropcatching market in Europe, and since the launch of our ICO we have been able to take a new technological turn towards the blockchain ecosystem.

In order to guarantee and keep up our success in these markets, we have put a lot of thinking into a new organization of DomRaider for the coming months and 2018.

This new organization stems from internal team reflections but also from the help of external advisors and consultants, this will give DomRaider the means to tackle every upcoming challenge.

Today, we are proud to announce the further development of DomRaider through the doubling our team, from 30 employees to more than 60 in 2018. This new organization will effectively support our growth and our business objectives, specializing our technical teams in different technologies and markets (blockchain, digital assets and dropcatching), while pooling the expertise of support functions.

DomRaider is hiring: 41positions available now on

As we wish to make steady and fast progress on all major projects, we have to put in a lot of work. That’s why we need to expand the DomRaider team. We’re looking for more people to support our development, marketing and business efforts in order to move forward efficiently.

We have already begun to interview Developers, International Market Managers, Marketing Executive…

Visit to check out available 41 positions. Feel free to apply and spread the word!

We are DomRaider

DomRaider is a great place to work and it is recommended by its own employees. In case you needed proof, we obtained the HappyAtWork 2017 label with a global score of 4.81 out of 5. The members of the DomRaider team gave their opinion on their experience within the company. Through the HappyAtWork questionnaire, they rated their experience over 6 categories: professional development, stimulating environment, management, salary and acknowledgement, pride, and enjoyment.

Want be a part of the team? We’re looking for passionate, talented and awesome people. Let us know, we are 100% sure that our project will be a perfect fit for you!

DomRaider is hiring 41 talents. Join our team!

As you can see, DomRaider is growing and these new talents will help us to successfully complete our Roadmap for the development of blockchain auctions project, and indeed tick up the exchange price of the DRT!

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