Where to buy DomRaider Tokens, how to check the price of the DRT, and where to find the latest announcements?

Some of our participants in DomRaider’s ICO — or some of those who want to get involved now — might be very new to the cryptoasset ecosystem (due to the recent rise of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies). Indeed, we have been receiving a steady stream of practical questions from them. So let’s have a look at the three most common ones, and answer them. If you ever need further clarification or elaboration, please do not hesitate to ask the DomRaider community or the admins on our Telegram group.

I missed out on your token sale, how can I buy DRT now?

First of all if you don’t own any crypto currencies yet you will need to start by buying some like Bitcoin and Ethereum from exchanges. The account and identity verification on these exchanges might sometimes seem a bit long and daunting, but it’s relatively straightforward:

  1. Create an account to buy some Ethereum with fiat currency (USD, GBP, AUD, etc.) at exchanges such as Kraken or Coinbase.
  2. Transfer your ETH onto a platform where the DomRaider Token (DRT) is tradable, which currently includes HitBTC, EtherDelta, YoBit and Stocks.Exchange.
  3. On that trading platform, once your account is created and approved, you can put in a buy order for DRT.
  4. After you have purchased your DRT and if you do not intend to trade on a day-to-day basis, ensure you move it off-exchange and into your own wallet. We recommend MyEtherWallet to setup a wallet that supports DRT tokens. Another secure solution could be to keep your tokens on a ledger wallet (as it is able to receive ERC20 tokens)

I own DRT, how can I check their performance?

There are many mobile apps which will let you view the market-average price of tokens across many exchanges, and other apps that let you pick a specific exchange to monitor the price of a specific token on them. Some iPhone users will appreciate Crypto Pro, as it is compatible with the Apple Watch. More broadly, Blockfolio is the most popular cross-platform smartphone app for this purpose, which also lets you setup push notifications for price alerts.
For desktop users, CoinMarketCap is the best place to check the DRT’s performances.

Don’t forget that the DRT is a usage token. This means that if you think short-term you might be disappointed if you don’t see the price pumping up. On the other hand, if you have a long-term mindset and wait, you will soon see the DomRaider team achieve their milestones and the value of the DRT will increase. So just … HODL! 😉

What is the best way to follow DomRaider announcements?

Announcements regarding the DomRaider Token and the progress of the auction blockchain are frequently published on the DomRaider Medium. These announcements will also be relayed on Twitter, Facebook, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, as well as our announcements group in Telegram.

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