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Verde River, Arizona. Credit:Finetooth — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Intel’s Todd Brady on Corporate Water Stewardship Today & How to Maximize Water Abundance

“Opportunities can have many angles, including business opportunities.” — Todd Brady

We continue to focus on conserving and reusing water in our operations, but we determined that we could do more to restore water for local use. That eventually led to the development of our global water restoration goal, which is our commitment to restore 100 percent of our water use back to the community. Since we first announced that goal in late 2017, we’ve made tremendous progress towards meeting it, with seven collaborative community-based projects to support Arizona’s water supply as well as other projects supporting the U.S. communities where we have operations. (Go here for more information on these projects.)

“At Intel, we use grey water in both our Arizona and California operations. Achieving this required strong communication between Intel and our local water providers to identify the opportunity and coordinate infrastructure.” — Todd Brady

In addition to corporate efforts, none of this would be possible without the critical work that our nonprofit partners are doing on the ground. At Intel, we know how to manufacture technology, but we’re not the experts in working with local stakeholders such as farmers, ranchers and other community members. We’re very invested in this cause — and are actively looking for ways to increase awareness and encourage other companies to join us on this journey.

Todd Brady.



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