Learn about Client Data Sharing in Audata Promo

Keegan Bakker
Apr 18, 2019 · 3 min read
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Easily, securely, and legally share listener data with clients.

Here’s a common scenario: you’ve got an upcoming on-air promo, it’s been sold to a client, and you want a way to allow listeners to “opt-in” to receive marketing from your sponsor as a value-add for them.

Previously, you’d probably need to add a custom field to your campaign, export all your prizes into Excel, manually run some kind of filter on the custom data to remove listeners who didn’t check the “opt-in” field, and then save your spreadsheet and send it on to your client.

Not anymore!

Introducing: Client Data Share.

Now, you can now add an opt-in option to your campaigns in seconds, and generate a secure link you can send to your client to access their data, which updates in real-time.

Audata automatically ensures that clients will only receive details from listeners who have explicitly requested to hear from them, making privacy compliance a breeze.

Create A Client

If you don’t already have your client set up in Audata, you need to go to Campaigns > Clients and then select “New Client”. Add the Client name and (optionally) upload a logo.

Create Your Campaign

  1. Create your campaign as you usually would, or edit your existing campaign.
  2. Ensure your client is selected from the Clients drop-down.
  3. Check the Enable data share box.
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Just select a client and check “Enable data sharing”

And that’s it. You’re set!

Generate Data Share Link

You can share your Data Share link with the client at any time, and they can download all the data they‘re allowed to access as a CSV. Their data updates in real-time, so they can return to the same link to download an updated file throughout the promotion.

  1. Navigate to the Campaign page.
  2. Click “Data Share”.
  3. Click the copy button next to the URL to copy it to your clipboard.
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Just copy & paste your Data Share link to securely share listener details with clients.

Please make sure you take care with this link, however. Anyone who has it can access the data — no login required. This is convenient for your clients, but it’s partly your responsibility to ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Make sure you share the link only with the client via a secure means and do not

When you archive the campaign, the data share link will continue to be available to your client for 30 days, at which point it will expire.


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