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Teresa Irizarry
Dec 26, 2018 · 13 min read
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This is a Bible study for people like me who like to listen while they commute, do housework, exercise, assume yoga-like positions or sit in their favorite chair. I made it for myself, but it was more work than I expected so I’m sharing it so that you don’t have to repeat the exercise. It is a study who for those people who like to hear what experts hear when they read the Bible, alongside your own reading/listening. The entire Bible is included over five years, because every bit of Scripture is useful. The map of book to year of study is here in case you want to design your own order. All of the recordings are freely available, and this study directs to the sites where they and related materials are available.

January 1 Genesis1–3 with focus on 1:1 Albert Mohler Intro, Albert Mohler Gen1–3

January 2 Genesis1:2 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 3 Genesis1:3–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 4 Genesis1:20–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 5 Genesis1:27–29 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 6 John1–2 Dr. Albert Mohler

About John: When Jesus was crucified, he asked John to care for his mother, Mary. Her influence is felt in the personal stories of Jesus told in John that are not replicated in the other gospels. John was a young man while Jesus was incarnate, and John’s gospel is written after he is old and has witnessed the early church.

January 7 Genesis1:28–31 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 8 Genesis2:1–3 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 9 Genesis2:4–25 Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Albert Mohler

January 10 Genesis3:1–7 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 11 Genesis3:8–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 12 Genesis3:16–24 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 13 John3 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 14 Genesis4:1–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 15 Genesis4:17–5:4 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 16 Genesis5:1–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 17 Genesis6:1–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 18 Genesis6:9–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 19 Genesis6:11–7:24 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 20 John4–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 21 Genesis8:1–92 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 22 Genesis9:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 23 Genesis9:2–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 24 Genesis10:1–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 25 Genesis11:1–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 26 Genesis11:24–12:9 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 27 John7–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 28 Genesis12:10–13:18 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 29 Genesis14:1–24 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 30 Genesis15:1–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 31 Genesis16 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 1 Genesis17 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 2 Genesis18 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 3 John13–16,17:1 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 4 Genesis19:1–29 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 5 Genesis19:30–20:18 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 6 Genesis21:1–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 7 Genesis21:22–34 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 8 Genesis22 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 9 Optional: Dr. Albert Mohler

The Expositor’s Summit that Dr. Mohler mentions: Dr. Albert Mohler

February 10 John17:2–7 Albert Mohler

February 11 Genesis23 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 12 Genesis24:1–61 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 13 Genesis24:61–25:34 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 14 Genesis26 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 15 Genesis27 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 16 Genesis28 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 17 John17:8–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 18 Genesis29:1–30:24 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 19 Genesis30:25–31:55 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 20 Genesis32–33 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 21 Genesis34 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 22 Genesis35 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 23 Genesis36–37:4 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 24 John17:17–21 Dr. Albert Mohler (no audio available)

February 25 Genesis37:5–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 26 Genesis37:29–38:30 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 27 Genesis39 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 28 Genesis40–41:57 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 1 Genesis42–45:9 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 2 Genesis45:6–46:27 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 3 Psalms2:1–12; 45:1–17; 95:1–11; 97: 1–9 Dr. Albert Mohler’s Overview of Hebrews. The Psalms quoted in Hebrews are interspersed with Hebrews over the next weeks. The author of Hebrews is not specified, and could have been a woman or other person of less official credibility in that age but has been judged by the fathers of the church to have God’s full inspirational authority.

March 4 Genesis46:28–48:19 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 5 Genesis48:20–49:33 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 6 Genesis50 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 7 Hebrews1:1–4 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 8 Hebrews1:5–2:1 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 9 Psalm102:1–28 Psalm8 Dr. Albert Mohler‘s Overview of Hebrews 2:1–12

March 10 Psalm18:1–50; Psalm22:1–31 Song: Citizens

March 11 Hebrews2:1–9 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 12 Hebrews2:10–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 13 Hebrews3:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 14 Hebrews3:7–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 15 Hebrews4:1–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 16 Hebrews4:12–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 17 Psalm110:1–7 Song: Bill Monaghan

March 18 Hebrews4:14–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 19 Hebrews5:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 20 Hebrews5:11–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 21 Hebrews6:1–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 22 Hebrews6:7–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 23 Hebrews7:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 24 Psalm 40:1–17 U2 does Psalm 40

March 25 Hebrews7:23–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 26 Hebrews8:1–5 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 27 Hebrews8:8–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 28 Hebrews9:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 29 Hebrews9:10–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 30 Hebrews9:15–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 31 Psalm118:1–29 Song: Arendientje Ineke Beumer

April 1 Hebrews9:11–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 2 Hebrews9:23–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 3 Hebrews10:1–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 4 Hebrews10:19–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 5 Hebrews10:26–39 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 6 Hebrews11:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 7 Psalm 135:1–21 Song: Janet Morison

April 8 Hebrews11:7–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 9 Hebrews11:11–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 10 Hebrews11:13–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 11 Hebrews11:20–31 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 12 Hebrews11:31 Joshua1–2 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 13 Hebrews11:32–40 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 14 Mark1 Ben Stuart

Mark’s gospel has the many stories featuring women as followers of Jesus. Mark alludes to Psalms 2 (March 10), 118 (March 31), 110 (Mar 17), and 22 (Mar 10). The passion tells the story of Psalm 2 in reverse.

Ben Stuart taught Bible Study at Texas A&M for 11 years and these sessions originate from that ministry. He is part of Desiring God (John Piper organization) and currently ministers at a church in the Atlanta, GA area.

April 15 Hebrews12:1–2 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 16 Hebrews:12:1–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 17 Hebrews12:12–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 18 Hebrews12:18–24 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 19 Hebrews13:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 20 Hebrews13:15–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 21 Easter 1Corinthians15:3–58 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 22 Psalm19 Paster George Hancock-Stefan

April 23 Isaiah1 Wayside Chapel

Isaiah is a book above time, providing an overview of God’s plan for his creation showing the context of what came before Isaiah’s lifetime, and prophesies many of which have been borne out in later times. The recordings attached say Isaiah’s wife might have been called a prophetess just because she was a prophet’s wife. Others teach she had prophetic gifts of her own, and it makes sense if this is so that the two of them together receive the clearest of prophetic visions — where two or three have gathered to feast and study Torah is where God promises to dwell, to make a heavenly place.

After Isaiah we’ll journey through the Old Testament in rough time order — and if we put Isaiah at the time he lived he’d be between Hosea and Nahum.

April 24 Isaiah1:1–2 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Mohler called Martyn Lloyd Jones one of the great preachers of the last century. These next days are 1 verse at time. However, the end of Isaiah will come at us several chapters at a time as the recordings are sparser. You may wish to read ahead of the recordings to balance it out.

April 25 Isaiah1:3 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 26 Isaiah1:4 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 27 Isaiah1:5–6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 28 Mark2 Ben Stuart

April 29 Isaiah1:7–8 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 30 Isaiah1:9 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 1 Isaiah1:10–15 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 2 Isaiah1:16–18 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 3 Isaiah1:18–2:4 Wayside Chapel

May 4 Isaiah2:1–3:26 Wayside Chapel

May 5 Mark3 Ben Stuart

May 6 Isaiah4:1–5:30 Wayside Chapel

May 7 Isaiah 5:1–7 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 8 Isaiah5:8–10 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 9 Isaiah5:20 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 10 Isaiah5:21 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 11 Psalm107:1–12 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 12 Mark4:1–34 Ben Stuart

May 13 Isaiah5:22–23 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 14 Isaiah5:24 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 15 Isaiah5:25 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 16 Isaiah6 Wayside Chapel


May 17 Isaiah7 Wayside Chapel

May 18 Psalm107:13–32 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 19 Mark4:35–5:43 Ben Stuart

May 20 Isaiah8 Wayside Chapel

May 21 Isaiah9–10 Wayside Chapel

May 22 Isaiah9:2 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 23 Isaiah11–12 Wayside Chapel

May 24 Isaiah13–14 Wayside Chapel

May 25 Psalm107:33–43 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 26 Mark6:1–6 Ben Stuart

May 27 Isaiah15,16,17 Wayside Chapel

May 28 Isaiah 18,19,20 Wayside Chapel

May 29 Isaiah21–22 Wayside Chapel

May 30 Isaiah22:8–14 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May 31 Isaiah23,24,25 Wayside Chapel

June 1 Catch-up Day

June 2 Mark6:7–52 Ben Stuart

June 3 Isaiah26 Wayside Chapel

June 4 Isaiah27–28 Wayside Chapel

June 5 Isaiah29,30:1–18 Wayside Chapel

June 6 Isaiah30:19–33,31,32, 33 Wayside Chapel

June 7 Isaiah34,35,36 Wayside Chapel

June 8 Isaiah37,38,39 Wayside Chapel

June 9 Mark7:1–23 Ben Stuart

June 10 Isaiah40:1–11 Wayside Chapel

June 11 Isaiah 40:1–2 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (also Year 2 September 11 )

June 12 Isaiah40:12–31,41 Wayside Chapel

June 13 Isaiah42,43 Wayside Chapel

June 14 Isaiah44 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 15 Isaiah45:1–13 Wayside Chapel

June 16 Mark 7:24–8:26 Ben Stuart

June 17 Isaiah46,47,48:1–11 Wayside Chapel

June 18 Isaiah48:12–22,49 Wayside Chapel

June 19 Isaiah50,51,52 Wayside Chapel

June 20 Isaiah52:13–53:12 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 21 Isaiah54,55,56 Wayside Chapel

June 22 Psalm143 Song: Musical Breviary

June 23 Mark8:27–9:1 Ben Stuart

June 24 Isaiah57,58,59,60,61 Wayside Chapel

June 25 Isaiah62,63 Wayside Chapel

June 26 Isaiah64,65,66 Musical Breviary

June 27 Job1 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

How did the one of the earliest of Old Testament books know the world was round and yet European Christendom believe it was flat? Job is apologetics in story form, likely handed down and honed orally long before it was written.

Job’s wife goes through everything that Job will, and we hear her lament. She has her own separate ash heap, her own doubts and anger. Watch for her as we go through Job, as she experiences restoral along with Job and is likely therefore to have become humble like he does by the end of the book — so the commentator’s audio is seems harsh with respect to her.

Job’s friends advocate errors, errors still common today, in how to think about God. The primary danger in reading Job is to get mixed up between the false theology of the friends and good theology. While Dr. Mohler hasn’t verse by verse gone through Job yet on audio, he has spoken about some of these errors. Martyn Lloyd Jones and others fill in the gaps, closing with John Piper. The best supplementary text is my Robert S. Fyall’s Now My Eyes Have Seen You.

June 28 Job2–3 Dr. Kenneth Boa

June 29 Psalm95 Musical Breviary

June 30 Mark9:2–13 Ben Stuart

July 1 Job4–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 2 Job7–9 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 3 Job10–12 Job is tempted to feel life is futile, pointless. Dr. Albert Mohler

July 4 Job13–14 Gervase Charmley

July 5 Job15–19 Gil Raugh

July 6 Job20–21 C. J. Williams

July 7 Mark9:14–29 Ben Stuart

July 8 Job22–24 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 9 Job25–26 Ray Stedman

July 10 Job27-28 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

July 11 Job29–31 John Piper

July 12 Job32–33 Ray Stedman

July 13 Job34–36 Ray Stedman

July 14 Mark9:30–10:16 Ben Stuart

July 15 Job37 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 16 Job38–39 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 17 Job40–42 John Piper

July 18 Catch-up Day John Piper

July 19 Exodus1 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 20 Exodus2 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 21 Mark10:13–34 Ben Stuart

July 22 Exodus3:1–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 23 Exodus3:13–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

July24 Exodus4:1–31 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 25 Exodus5:1–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 26 Exodus6:1–27 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 27 Exodus7:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 28 Exodus7:14–8:15 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 29 Mark10:32–52 Ben Stuart

July 30 Exodus8:16–10:29 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 31 Exodus11:1–12:23 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 1 Exodus12:23–13:16 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 2 Exodus13:17–14:14 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 3 Exodus14:10–15:21 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 4 Mark11 Ben Stuart

August 5 Exodus15:22–16:26 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 6 Exodus16:24–17:16 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 7 Exodus18 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 8 Exodus19:1–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 9 Exodus19:21–20:21 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 10 Exodus20:1–11 (Part 1) Dr. Albert Mohler

August 11 Mark12 Ben Stuart

August 12 Exodus20:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 13 Exodus20:7 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 14 Exodus20:8 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 15 Exodus20:9–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 16 Exodus20:1–11 (Part 2) Dr. Albert Mohler

August 17 Exodus20:12 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 18 Mark13 Ben Stuart

August 19 Exodus20:13 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 20 Exodus20:14 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 21 Psalm90;1–11 Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

August 22 Psalm 90:12–17 Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

August 23 Exodus20:15 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 24 Exodus20:13–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 25 Mark14–15 Ben Stuart

August 26 Exodus20:16 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 27 Exodus20:16–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 28 Exodus20:17 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 29 Exodus20:18–21:1–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 30 Exodus21:33–22:27 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 31 Exodus23:1–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 1 Mark16 Ben Stuart

September 2 Labor Day Catch-up Day Dr. Albert Mohler

September 3 Exodus23:20–24:11 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 4 Exodus24 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 5 Catch up Day

September 6 Exodus25 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 7 Exodus26 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 8 Psalm50:1–23 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 9 Exodus27–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 10 Exodus29 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 11 Luke13 Dr. Albert Mohler (no audio available)

September 12 Catch up Day

September 13 Exodus30 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 12 Exodus31 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 13 Exodus32 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 14 Exodus33 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 15 Psalm63 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 16 Exodus34 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 17 Exodus35 Steven J. Cole

September 18 Exodus36 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 19 Exodus37 Grant Van Leuven

September 20 Exodus38 Darvin Pruitt

September 21 Exodus39 Dr. Albert Mohler

Alternate: Dr. David Miller

September 22 Psalm73 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 23 Exodus40 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 24 Catch-up Day

September 25 Leviticus1–3 Overview: Dr. Kenneth Boa

September 26 Leviticus4–5 Ray Stedman

September 27 Leviticus6–7 John Fry

September 28 Leviticus8-10 Dr. Peter Masters

September 29 Psalm77 Song: David Nevue

September 30 Leviticus11–12 Ray Stedman

October 1 Leviticus13–14 Ray Stedman

October 2 Leviticus15 Ray Stedman

October 3 Leviticus16 Ray Stedman

October 4 Leviticus17–18 Ray Stedman

October 5 Leviticus19–20 Ray Stedman

October 6 Psalm13 Song: Brian Doerksen (correlates with Lev 18–19)

October 7 Leviticus21–22 Ray Stedman

October 8 Leviticus23–24 Dr. S. Lewis Johnson Feasts of Jehovah

October 9 Leviticus25 Ray Stedman

October 10 Leviticus26 Ray Stedman

October 11 Leviticus27 Ray Stedman

October 12 Numbers1 Bill McRae (overview 1)

October 13 Psalm96 Song: Hymn by David

October 14 Numbers2 Dr. Kenneth Boa (overview 2)

October 15 Numbers3–4 Paul M. Alexander

October 16 Numbers5–6 Paul M. Alexander

October 17 Numbers7–10 Paul M. Alexander

October 18 Numbers11:1–6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

October 19 Numbers11:7–35 Paul M. Alexander

October 20 Psalm93 Song:Lisa Fox

October 21 Numbers12 Paul M. Alexander

October 22 Numbers13–14 Paul M. Alexander

October 23 Numbers15 Paul M. Alexander

October 24 Numbers16–17 Paul M. Alexander

October 25 Numbers18–19 Paul M. Alexander

October 26 Numbers20–21 Paul M. Alexander

October 27 Psalm99 Song:Daniel Knox

October 28 Numbers22–24 Paul M. Alexander

October 29 Numbers25–27 Paul M. Alexander

October 30 Numbers28–29 Paul M. Alexander

October 31 Numbers30–31 Paul M. Alexander

November 1 Numbers32–33 Paul M. Alexander

November 2 Numbers34–35 Paul M. Alexander

November 3 Psalm136 Song:Janet Isaac Morrison

November 4 Numbers36–37 Paul M. Alexander

November 5 Deuteronomy1–3 Dr. Kenneth Boa

Deuteronomy’s exposition will “belong” to Dr. Mohler but the first few chapters are not available as audio like the rest of the book. So I’ve referenced free essays (there are books as well) for those chapters by Dr. Mohler, and in addition supplemented with audio from others.

November 6 Deuteronomy4 Dr. Albert Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler

November 7 Deuteronomy5 Dr. Albert Mohler The Voice of God

Dr. Albert Mohler The Sins of the Father

Dr. Albert Mohler The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy

November 8 Deuteronomy6 Dr. Albert Mohler Supreme Claims

Dr. Albert Mohler A Deep and Radical Antagonism

November 9 Deuteronomy7:12–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 10 Psalm103 Song:Shiloh Worship Music

November 11 Deuteronomy8:1–3 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 12 Deuteronomy8:4–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 13 Deuteronomy9:1–29 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 14 Deuteronomy10:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 15 Deuteronomy11:1–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 16 Deuteronomy11:18–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 17 Psalm91 Song:Jason Silver

November 18 Deuteronomy12 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 19 Deuteronomy13:1–5 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 20 Deuteronomy13:6–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 21 Deuteronomy14 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 22 Deuteronomy15 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 23 Psalm92 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

November 24 Deuteronomy16 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 25 Psalm94 Song:How Can I Keep from Singing

November 26 Deuteronomy17:1–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 27 Deuteronomy17:9–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 28 1Thessalonians5 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 29 Deuteronomy18 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 30 Deuteronomy19 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 1 Psalm100 Song:The Weston Priory

December 2 Deuteronomy20 Dr. James White

December 2 Deuteronomy21 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 3 Deuteronomy22 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 4 Deuteronomy23 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 5 Deuteronomy24 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 6 Deuteronomy25 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 7 Deuteronomy26:1–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 8 Psalm98 Song:Esther Mui

December 9 Deuteronomy26:12–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 10 Deuteronomy27 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 11 Deuteronomy28:1–31 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 12 Deuteronomy28:32–68 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 13 Deuteronomy29 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 14 Deuteronomy30 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 15 Psalm71 Song:Andrea K Rogers

December 16 Deuteronomy30:15–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 17 Deuteronomy31 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 18 Deuteronomy32 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 19 Deuteronomy33 Dr. Hal Brunson

December 20 Deuteronomy34 Dr. Dan Olinger

December 21 Joshua1 Paul Clarke

We turn to St. Helens, an Anglican source. “St. Helen’s is an evangelical Anglican church and strongly committed to expositional preaching. Their sermons tend to follow the British approach of John Stott and Dick Lucas.” Tim Raymond, a fan of MacArthur and Piper

December 22 Psalm105 Janet Morrison

December 23 Joshua2 John MacArthur “MacArthur has become one of the most respected and influential preachers of our times, with perhaps the most widely disseminated ministry of exposition in the history of the Christian church.” Albert Mohler July 14, 2010

December 24 Matthew1:1–7 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 25 Matthew1:18–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 26 Joshua3:1–4:24 Paul Clarke

December 27 Joshua4:21 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 28 Joshua5:1–12 Paul Clarke

December 26 Psalm74 Song:Chris Kopko

December 30 Joshua5:13–6:27 Paul Clarke

December 31 Psalm106 Song:Col Johnson

Audio Bible Study Plan

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