Year 2 as 2019

Teresa Irizarry
Dec 26, 2018 · 10 min read
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This schedule is for those that completed Year 1 as defined here. I tried the Medium feature “Series” last year, but it was hard to use — hard to search, hard to manipulate to hold the current date. This year I’ve resorted to holding these schedules in a publication for easier reference.

January 1 Psalm25 Song:Haven to Oasis

January 2 Joshua7 William Taylor

January 3 Joshua8 William Taylor

January 4 Joshua9–10 David Jackman

January 5 Psalm1:1–2 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 6 Matthew2:1–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 7 Joshua11–12 Peter Adam

January 8 Joshua13–14 William Taylor

January 9 Joshua15 -16 John Woodhouse

January 10 Joshua17–18 Charlie Skrine

January 11 Joshua19–20 Mike Walker

January 12 Psalm1:3–4 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 13 Matthew2:13–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 14 Joshua21–22 John Woodhouse

January 15 Joshua23 David Jackman

January 16 Joshua24 David Jackman

January 17 Ruth1 Matthew Phillips

Ruth as God’s servant inspires those around her to enable the spirit of the law vs. its letter in order to redeem the line of Elimelech, not for Elimelech’s sake but for sake of the covenant with Abraham. From boldly asking Boaz to reap with the harvesters vs. behind them as specified in Deuteronomy, to stretching the notion of kinsman redeemer beyond a man’s brother, she finds ways to achieve the purpose of the law even when the most conservative interpretation would not have sufficed to cover her case. The book, The Gospel of Ruth, by Carolyn Custis James, lays this out in detail; these audio sermons do not track all of her research.

January 18 Ruth2 Dr. Goligher

January 19 Psalm1:3–4 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 20 Matthew3:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 21 Ruth3 Ian Hamilton

January 22 Ruth4 Wayne Joyce

January 23 Psalm17 Song: Sons of Korah

January 24 Judges1:1–19 1A Pastor Armstrong

January 25 Judges1:20–36 1B Pastor Armstrong

January 26 Psalm1:5–6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 27 Matthew3:7–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 28 Judges2 Pastor Armstrong

January 29 Judges3:1–11 Pastor Armstrong

January 30 Judges3:12–31 Pastor Armstrong

January 31 Judges4:1–9 Pastor Armstrong

February 1 Judges4:10–24 Pastor Armstrong

February 2 Psalm121 Song:Brian Doerkson

February 3 Matthew3:13–4:5 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 4 Judges5:1–11 Pastor Armstong

February 5 Judges5:12–31 Pastor Armstrong

February 6 Judges6:1–16 Pastor Armstrong

February 7 Judges6:16–40 Pastor Armstrong

February 8 Judges7:1–11 Pastor Armstrong

February 9 Psalm39 Song: Jason Silver

February 10 Matthew4:1–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 11 Judges7:9–25 Pastor Jackson

February 12 Judges8:1–21 Pastor Jackson

February 13 Judges8:22–35 Pastor Jackson

February 14 Judges9:1–24 Pastor Jackson

February 15 Judges9:25–10:14 Pastor Jackson

February 16 Psalm44 Song:Randy Gordon

February 17 Matthew4:12–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 18 Judges10:6–18 Dr. Jackson

February 19 Judges11:1–27 Pastor Jackson

February 20 Judges11:28–40 Pastor Jackson

February 21 Judges12 Pastor Jackson

February 22 Judges13:1–7 Pastor Jackson

February 23 Psalm75 Song: Timothy Nguyen

February 24 Matthew5:1–4 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 25 Judges13:8–23 Pastor Jackson

February 26 Judges13:24–14:14 Pastor Jackson

February 27 Judges14:14–20 Pastor Jackson

February 28 Judges15:1–17 Pastor Jackson

March 1 Judges15:18–16:12 Pastor Jackson

March 2 Psalm82 Song:Janet Isaac Morrison

March 3 Matthew5:5–7 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 4 Judges16:13–22 Pastor Jackson

March 5 Judges16:22–31 Pastor Jackson

March 6 Judges17 Pastor Jackson

March 7 Judges18:1–7 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 8 Judges18:8–13 Pastor Jackson

March 9 Psalm11 Song:Jason Silver

March 10 Matthew5:8 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 11 Judges18:14–31 Pastor Jackson

March 12 Judges19:1–15 Pastor Jackson

March 13 Judges19:16–30 Pastor Jackson

March 14 Judges20:1–18 Pastor Jackson

March 15 Judges20:19–48 Pastor Jackson

March 16 Psalm6 Song: Hoss Hughes

March 17 Matthew5:9 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 18 Judges21 Pastor Jackson

March 19 1Samuel1:1–8 Joe W Allen

March 20 1Samuel1: 9–18 Joe W Allen

March 21 1Samuel1:19–28 Joe W Allen

March 22 1 Samuel2:1–3 Joe W Allen

March 23 Psalm21 Song:Jason Silver

March 24 Matthew5:10–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 25 1Samuel2:4–10 Joe W Allen

March 26 1Samuel2:11–26 Joe W Allen

March 27 1Samuel2:27–36 Joe W Allen

March 28 1Samuel3:1–10 Joe W Allen

March 29 1Samuel3:11–4:1 Joe W Allen

March 30 Psalm16 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 31 Matthew5:13–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 1 1Samuel4:1–11 Joe W Allen

April 2 1Samuel4:12–22 Joe W Allen

April 3 1Samuel5–6 Joe W Allen

April 4 1Samuel7:1–4 Joe W Allen

April 5 1Samuel:7:5–17 Joe W Allen

April 6 Proverbs9 David McManus

April 7 Matthew5:17–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 8 1Samuel8 Joe W Allen

April 9 1Samuel9:1–16 Joe W Allen

April 10 1Samuel9:17–10:16 Joe W Allen

April 11 1Samuel10:17–27 Joe W Allen

April 12 1Samuel11:1–11 Joe W Allen

April 13 Proverbs15 Rev. Douglas Kuiper

April 14 Matthew5:19–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 15 1Samuel:11:12–15 Joe W Allen

April 16 1Samuel12 Joe W Allen

April 17 1Samuel13 Joe W Allen

April 18 1Samuel:14:1–23 Joe W Allen

April 19 1Samuel14:24–52 Joe W Allen

April 20 Proverbs12 Oliver Baker

April 21 Easter Ephesians1:6–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 22 1Samuel15:1–11 Joe W Allen

April 23 1Samuel15:12–23 Joe W Allen

April 24 1Samuel15:24–35 Joe W Allen

April 25 1Samuel16:1–13 Joe W Allen

April 26 1Samuel16:14–23 Joe W Allen

April 27 Proverbs16 Marc Monte

April 28 Matthew5:21–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 29 1Samuel17:1–11 Joe W Allen

April 30 1Samuel17:12–30 Joe W Allen

May 1 1Samuel17:31–40 Joe W Allen

May 2 1Samuel17:41–58 Joe W Allen

May 3 1Samuel18–20 Joe W Allen

May 4 Psalm59 Rev. Noel Hughes

May 5 Matthew5:23–30 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 6 1Samuel21 Joe W Allen

May 7 1Samuel22 Joe W Allen

May 8 1Samuel23 Joe W Allen

May 9 1Samuel24 Joe W Allen

May 10 1Samuel25 Joe W Allen

May 11 Psalm52 Kyle Wilcox

May 12 Matthew5:31–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 13 1Samuel26 Joe W Allen

May 14 1Samuel27-29 Joe W Allen

May 15 1Samuel30 Joe W Allen

May 16 1Samuel31 Joe W Allen

May 17 2Samuel1 Rev. David Silversides

May 18 Psalm34 Song:Shane&ShaneMusic

May 19 Matthew5:33–39 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 20 Matthew6:9 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 21 Matthew6:10 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 22 Matthew6:10 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 23 Matthew6:11 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 24 Matthew6:12 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 25 Psalm56 Rev. Roger Higgenson

May 26 2Samuel2 Dr. David Silversides

May 27 Matthew6:13–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 28 Matthew:6:16–24 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 29 Matthew6:25–34 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 30 Matthew7:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

May 31 Matthew7:7–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 1 Psalm63 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

June 2 2Samuel3 Dr. Albert Mohler

Alternate: Dr. David Silversides

June 3 Matthew7:15–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 4 Matthew7:24–27 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 5 Matthew7:28–29 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 6 Matthew8:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 7 Matthew8:14–27 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 8 Psalm142 Song: JasonSilver

June 9 2Samuel4 Dr. David Silversides

June 10 Matthew8:28–34 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 11 Matthew9:1–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 12 Matthew9:9–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 13 Matthew9:14–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 14 Matthew9:27–38 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 15 Psalm57 A. W. Tozer (historical sermon)

June 16 2Samuel5 Rev. David Silversides

June 17 Matthew10:1–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 18 Matthew10:16–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 19 Matthew10:24–42 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 20 Matthew11:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 21 Matthew11:11–19 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 22 Psalm51 Pastor John MacArthur

June 23 2Samuel6 Dr. David Silversides

June 24 Matthew11:20–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 25 Matthew11:25–27 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 26 Matthew11:28–12:8 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 27 Matthew12:9–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 28 Matthew12:22–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

June 29 Psalm3 Song: Follower Band

June 30 2Samuel7 Dr. David Silversides

July 1 Matthew12:33–37 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 2 Matthew12:38–50 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 3 Matthew13:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 4 Matthew13:10–23 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 5 Matthew13:24–30 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 6 Psalm60 Dr. Jack B. Scott

July 7 2Samuel8 Dr. David Silversides

July 8 Matthew13:31–35 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 9 Matthew13:36–58 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 10 Matthew14:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 11 Matthew14:14–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 12 Matthew14:22–36 Dr. Albert Mohler

July13 Psalm122 Song: Jason Silver

July14 2Samuel9 Dr. David Silversides

July 15 Matthew15:1–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 16 Matthew15:11–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 17 Matthew15:21–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 18 Matthew16:1–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 19 Matthew16:13–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 20 2Samuel10 Dr. David Silversides

July 21 2Samuel11 Dr. David Silversides

July 22 Matthew16:18–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 23 Matthew16:21–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 24 Matthew17:1–9 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 25 Matthew17:10–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 26 Matthew17:14–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 27 2Samuel12 Dr. David Silversides

July 28 2Samuel13 Dr. David Silversides

July 29 Matthew17:22–27 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 30 Matthew18:1–6 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 31 Matthew18:7–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 1 Matthew18:12–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 2 Matthew18:21–35 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 3 2Samuel14 Dr. David Silversides

August 4 2Samuel15 Dr. David Silversides

August 5 Matthew19:1–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 6 Matthew19:13–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 7 Matthew19:27–20:16 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 8 Matthew20:17–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 9 Matthew 20:29–21:7 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 10 2Samuel16 Dr. David Silversides

August 11 2Samuel17 Dr. David Silversides

August 12 Matthew21:8–11 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 13 Matthew21:12–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 14 Matthew21:23–32 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 15 Matthew21:33–46 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 16 Matthew22:1–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 17 2Samuel18 Dr. David Silversides

August 18 2Samuel19 Dr. David Silversides

August 19 Matthew22:15–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 20 Matthew22:23–33 Dr. Albert Mohler (2009 sermon)

Matthew22:23–40 Dr. Albert Mohler (2018 sermon)

August 21 Matthew22:34–44 Dr. Albert Mohler (2009 sermon)

August 22 Matthew23:1–37 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 23 Matthew23:38–39 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 24 2Samuel20 Dr. David Silversides

August 25 2Samuel21 Dr. David Silversides

August 26 Matthew24:1–51 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 27 Matthew25:1–30 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 28 Matthew23:31–46 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 29 Matthew 26:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 30 Matthew26:14–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

August 31 2Samuel22 Dr. David Silversides

September 1 2Samuel23 Dr. David Silversides

September 2 Matthew26:26–35 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 3 Matthew26:36–46 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 4 Matthew24:1–51 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 5 Matthew25:1–30 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 6 Matthew 26:1–13 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 7 2Samuel24 Dr. David Silversides

September 8 1 and 11 Samuel Review Dr. David Silversides

September 9 Matthew26:14–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 10 Matthew26:26–35 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 11 Isaiah40 Alistair Beggs

September 12 Matthew26:36–46 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 13 Psalm42 (consider Matthew26:38) Charles H. Spurgeon

September 14 SongofSolomon1 C. H. Spurgeon

September 15 1Chronicles1–9 Les McKinnon

September 16 Matthew26:47–56 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 17 Matthew26:57–68 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 18 Matthew26:69–27:10 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 19 Matthew27:11–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 20 Matthew27:27–37 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 21 SongofSolomon2 James Meikle

September 22 1Chronicles2 Mark Dever

September 23 Matthew27:38–56 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 24 Matthew27:57–66 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 25 Psalm109 (with Matthew 27) Joe Oesterwind

September 26 Matthew28:1–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 27 Matthew28:18–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

September 28 SongofSolomon3 Rev. Stephen Hamilton

September 29 1Chronicles3 Peter J. Wallace

September 30 Proverbs1 Henry Johnson

October 1 Proverbs1:1 Henry Johnson

October 2 Proverbs 1:8–2:22 Henry Johnson

October 3 Proverbs1:10–19 Henry Johnson

October 4 Proverbs1:19 Henry Johnson

October 5 SongofSolomon4 Dr. Michael Barrett

October 6 1Chronicles4 Dr. James White

October 7 Proverbs2 Henry Johnson

October 8 Proverbs2 Henry Johnson (part2)

October 9 Proverbs3 Henry Johnson

October 10 Proverbs4 Henry Johnson

October 11 Proverbs5 Joe Mor

October 12 SongofSolomon5 Dr. Calvin Ray Evans

October 13 1Chronicles5 Peter J Wallace

October 14 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson

October 15 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson part 2

October 16 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson (part 3)

October 17 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson (part 4)

October 18 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson (part 5)

October 19 SongofSolomon6 Dr. Iain D. Campbell

October 20 1Chronicles6 Peter J. Wallace

October 21 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson (part 6)

October 22 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson (part 7)

October 23 Proverbs6:16–19 Henry Johnson(part8)

October 24 Proverbs6,7 Joe Morecraft III

October 25 Proverbs8 Henry Johnson

October 26 SongofSolomon7 Paul Rendall

October 27 1Chronicles7 Peter J Wallace

October 28 Proverbs8:15–16 Henry Johnson on Proverbs8 and Civil Government

October 29 Proverbs 8–9:6 Henry Johnson

October 30 Proverbs9:6 Henry Johnson

October 31 Proverbs9:7 and 1:10 Henry Johnson

November 1 Proverbs9:10 Henry Johnson

November 2 SongofSolomon8 Dr. Curt D. Daniel

November 3 1Chronicles8–9:34 Peter J. Wallace

November 4 Proverbs10:26 Henry Johnson

November 5 Proverbs11 Marc Monte

November 6 Proverbs12 Pastor Allen Fox

November 7 Proverbs13 Bruce Lackey

November 8 Proverbs14:9 Henry Johnson

November 9 Psalm88 Song: Jason Silver

November 10 1Chronicles9:35–11:9 Peter J Wallace

November 11 Proverbs14:34 Henry Johnson

November 12 Proverbs15 Henry Johnson

November 13 Proverbs16 Marc Monte

November 14 Proverbs17 Song:Eileen Mary

November 15 Proverbs18:24 Henry Johnson

(Optional Part 2) Henry Johnson

(Optional Part3) Henry Johnson

November 16 1Chronicles11:10–12 Peter J Wallace

November 17 James1:1–4 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 18 Proverbs19 Marc Monte

November 19 Proverbs20 Jeff Arthur

Novebmer 20 Proverbs21 Marc Monte

November 21 Proverbs22 Jonathan Edwards

November 22 Proverbs23 Rev. Gordon Dane

November 23 1Chronicles13–14 Peter J Wallace

November 24 James1:5–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

November 25 Proverbs24 Dr. Sam Gip

November 26 Proverbs25 Marc Monte

November 27 Proverbs26:12–16 Henry Johnson

November 28 Thanksgiving Psalm9 Pastor Joseph LoSardo

November 29 1Chronicles15–16 Peter J Wallace

November 30 1Chronicles17 Peter J Wallace

December 1 James1:9–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 2 1Chronicles18–20 Peter J Wallace

December 3 1Chronicles21–22 Peter J Wallace

December 4 1Chronicles23–26 Peter J Wallace

December 5 1Chronicles27–28 Peter J Wallace

December 6 1Chronicles29 Peter J Wallace

December 7 Proverbs27 John Shorer

December 8 James1:9–15 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 9 Proverbs28 Marc Monte

December 10 Proverbs29 Marc Monte

December 11 Proverbs30:1–6 Henry Johnson

December 12 Proverbs31 Rev. Matthew Henry (Historical Sermon)

December 13 John1:1–3 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 14 Ecclesiastes1–2 Dr. Jim Berg

December 15 James1:16–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 16 John1:3 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 17 John1:4–8 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 18 John1:9–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 19 John1:14–28 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 20 John1:19–44 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 21 Ecclesiastes3:1–14 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 22 John1:35–51 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 23 John2:1–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 24 John2:13–22 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 25 John2:23–3:16 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 26 Matthew1:23 Dr. Albert Mohler

December 27 Ecclesiastes3:15-4 Dr. Jim Berg Note: Audio is mislabeled and represents session number not chapter. Audio itself references chapter.

December 28 Ecclesiastes5 Phil Johnson

December 29 Proverbs18:24 (Part 2) Henry Johnson

(Optional Part3) Henry Johnson

December 30 Psalm131 Song:John Michael Talbot

December 31 Proverbs20 David Teis

January 1 2019 Psalm89 Anthony Whitlach

Audio Bible Study Plan

Links to Public domain Bible Audio and Corresponding…

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