Year 3 as 2020

Teresa Irizarry
Dec 21, 2019 · 10 min read
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This schedule is for those that completed Year 1 as defined here, and Year 2 as defined here. Drafts of year 4 here and 5 here (when available).

January 1 Psalm89 Anthony Whitlach

January 2 Ecclesiastes6–7:13 Dr. Jim Berg

Note: The audios of Dr. Berg were mislabeled-they are session numbers not chapter numbers. The audio itself references the text.

January 3 Ecclesiastes7:11–8:17 Dr. Jim Berg

January 4 Sat Psalm73:1–24 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 5 Sun James1:19–21 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 6 Ecclesiastes9–10 Dr. Jim Berg

January 7 Psalm73:25–28 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 8 Ecclesiastes11 Dr. Jim Berg

January 9 Ecclesiastes12:1–8 Dr. Jim Berg

January 10 Proverbs24 Dr. Sam Gip

January 11 Sat Psalm104 Song:Yamma Ensemble (near Ecclesiastes 12)

January 12 Sun James1:22–25 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 13 Ecclesiastes12:9–14 Dr. Jim Berg (start at minute 21)

January 14 Psalm114 Song:Jason Silver

January 15 Psalm 12 Song:The Psalms Project Band

Overview of I and II Kings The Bible Project

January 16 1Kings1 Rev. David Silversides

January 17 Psalm111 Song:Jason Silver

January 18 Sat Psalm125 Song:Psalm Project Africa

January 19 Sun James2:1–17 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 20 1Kings2 James Hollandworth

January 21 1Kings3:1–9 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 22 1Kings 3:10–22 Dr. David Silversides

January 23 Psalm31 Song:Jason Silver

January 24 1Kings4 Dr. David Silversides

January 25 Sat Psalm29 Song:The Psalms Project Band

January 26 Sun James2:18–26 Dr. Albert Mohler

January 27 2Chronicles1 Dr. David Silversides

January 28 1Kings5 Dr. David Silversides

January 29 2Chronicles2 Dr. David Silversides

January 30 1Kings6 Dr. David Silversides

January 31 Psalm84 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

February 1 Sat Psalm11 Song:Jason Silver

February 2 Sun James3:1–5 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 3 2Chronicles3 Dr. David Silversides

February 4 Psalm30 Song:The Psalms Project (goes w 2 Chron 3)

February 5 1Kings7 Dr. David Silversides

February 6 2Chronicles4 Dr. David Silversides

February 7 1Kings8:1–11 Dr. David Silversides

February 8 Sat Psalm28 Song:The Psalms Project

February 9 Sun James:3:5–18 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 10 2Chronicles5 Dr. David Silversides

February 11 1Kings8:12–27 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

February 12 1Kings8:28–53 Dr. David Silversides

February 13 Psalm5 Song:Jason Silver

February 14 1Kings8:54–66 Dr. David Silversides

February 15 Sat Psalm115 Song:Jason Silver

February 16 Sun James4:1–4 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 17 2Chronicles6:1–21 Dr. David Silversides

February 18 Psalm20 Song:The Psalms Project Remembers 1Sam 10:19

February 19 Proverbs4 Terry Basham II

February 20 2Chronicles6:22–42 Dr. David Silversides

February 21 Psalm4 Song:The Psalms Project Band

February 22 Sat Proverbs3 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 23 Sun James 4:5–10 Dr. Albert Mohler

February 24 2Chronicles7 Dr. David Silversides

February 25 1Kings9 Dr. David Silversides

February 26 2Chronicles8 Dr. David Silversides

February 27 1Kings10 Dr. David Silverslides

February 28 Psalm24 Song:The Psalms Project

February 29 Sat Psalm131 Song:Ron Haeske

March 1 Sun James4:10–5:6 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 2 2Chronicles9 Dr. David Silversides

March 3 1Kings11 Dr. David Silversides

March 4 2Chronicles10 Dr. David Silversides

March 5 1Kings12 Dr. David Silversides

March 6 2Chronicles11 Dr. David Silversides

March 7 Sat Catch-up Day

March 8 Sun James5:7–12 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 9 1Kings13 Dr. David Silversides

March 10 1Kings14 Dr. David Silversides

Mar11 2Chronicles12 Dr. David Silversides

March 12 1Kings15 Dr. David Silversides

March 13 2Chronicles13 Dr. David Silversides

March 14 Sat Catch-up Day

March 15 Sun James5:13–20 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 16 Luke1 Dr. Albert Mohler Luke was a doctor and an historian. Many of the Luke following audio expositions are from renowned historical preachers, reread for posterity.

March 17 Luke2:1–20 Charles Spurgeon

March 18 Luke2:21–40 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 19 Luke3 Charles Spurgeon

March 20 Luke 4 Pastor John MacArthur

March 21 Luke5 Pastor John MacArthur

March 22 Sun Luke6 Jonathan Edwards

March 23 Luke7 Pastor John MacArthur

March 24 Luke8 A. W. Tozer

March 25 Luke9 Pastor John MacArthur

March 26 Luke10:1–37 Charles Spurgeon

March 27 Luke10:38–42 Dr. Albert Mohler

March 28 Luke11 Gerhard du Toit

March 29 Sun Luke12 Ed Miller

March 30 Luke13 Charles H. Spurgeon

March 31 Luke14 Charles H. Spurgeon

April 1 Luke15–16 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 2 Luke17 Ed Miller

April 3 Luke18 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 4 Luke19 Ed Miller

April 5 Palm Sunday Luke 19:28–34 Todd Linn

April 6 Luke20–21:16 Chuck Smith

April 7 Luke21:17–38 Brother Greg

April 8 Luke22 Chuck Smith

April 9 Luke23 Neil Rhodes

April 10 Good Friday Psalm61 Song:Terry Clark

April 11 Holy Saturday Luke23:43 2Cor:12:24 Eph4:8 Rom8:11 Dr. Curt D. Daniel

April 12 Resurrection Day Acts5:30–32 Acts26:19–23 Jim Elliot

April 13 2Chronicles14 Dr. David Silversides

April 14 2Chronicles15 Dr. David Silversides

April 15 2Chronicles16 Dr. David Silversides

April 16 2Chronicles17 Dr. David Silversides

April 17 1Kings16 Dr. David Silversides

April 18 Sat Psalm81 Song:Jason Silver

April 19 Sun Luke15 Billy Graham

April 20 2Chronicles18 Dr. David Silversides

April 21 2Chronicles19 Dr. David Silversides

April 22 1Kings17–18:16 Dr. David Silversides

April 23 1Kings18:17–40 Dr. Albert Mohler

April 24 1Kings18:41–46 Dr. David Silversides

April 25 Psalm35 Song:Jason Silver (remembers persecution of 1 Sam 22)

April 26 Sun Luke16 A. W. Tozer

April 27 2Chronicles20:1–19 Dr. David Silversides

April 28 1Kings19 Dr. David Silversides

April 29 1Kings20 Dr. David Silversides

April 30 1Kings21 Dr. David Silversides

May 1 1Kings22:1–40 Dr. David Silversides

May 2 Sat Psalm83 Song:Jason Silver (Goes w 11 Chr 20)

May 3 Sun Luke24 David Guzik

May 4 1Kings22:412Kings1:8 Dr. David Silversides

May 5 2Chronicles20:20–27 Dr. David Silversides

May 6 2Kings1 Dr. David Silversides

May 7 2Kings2 Dr. David Silversides

May 8 2Kings3 Dr. David Silversides

May 9 Sat Proverbs17 Morris Hunsucker

May 10 Sun Psalm32 Song:The Psalms Project

May 11 2Kings4 Dr. David Silversides

May 12 2Kings5:1 Dr. David Silversides

May 13 2Kings5:2–27 Dr. David Silversides

May 14 2Kings6:1–23 Dr. David Silversides

May 15 2Kings6:24–7:20 Dr. David Silversides

May 16 Sat 2Kings8:1–26 Dr. David Silversides

May 17 Sun Psalm139 Song:James Block (echo of 1 Chr 13 David made King)

May 18 2Kings8:27–29 Dr. David Silversides

May 19 2Chronicles21 Dr. David Silversides

May 20 2Chronicles22 Dr. David Silversides

May 21 2Kings9 Dr. David Silversides

May 22 2Kings10 Dr. David Silversides

May 23 2Kings11 Dr. David Silversides

May 24 Sun Psalm145 Song:Jason Silver (w 2Chr 23)

May 25 2Chronicles23 Dr. David Silversides

May 26 2Kings12 Dr. David Silversides

May 27 2Chronicles24 Dr. David Silversides

May 28 2Kings13 Dr. David Silversides

May 29 2Kings14 Dr. David Silversides

May 30 2Chronicles25 Dr. David Silversides

May 31 Sun Psalm38 Song:Jason Silver

June 1 2Kings15 Dr. David Silversides

June 2 2Chronicles26 Dr. David Silversides

June 3 2Chronicles27 Dr. David Silversides

June 4 2Kings16 Dr. David Silversides

June 5 2Chronicles28 Dr. David Silversides

June 6 2Kings17 Dr. David Silversides

June 7 Sun Psalm46 Song:Jason Silver

June 8 2Kings18 Dr. David Silversides

June 9 2Chronicles29:1–19 Dr. David Silversides

June 10 2Chronicles29:20–36 Dr. David Silversides

June 11 2Chronicles30 Dr. David Silversides

June 12 2Kings19 Dr. David Silversides

June 13 2Kings20 Dr. David Silversides

June 14 Sun Psalm76 Song:Jason Silver

June 15 2Kings20 Dr. David Silversides

June 16 2Kings21 Dr. David Silversides

June 17 2Chronicles31 Dr. David Silversides

June 18 2Chronicles32 Dr. David Silversides

June 19 2Chronicles33 Dr. David Silversides

June 20 2Kings22 Dr. David Silversides

June 21 Sun Psalm80 Song:Jason Silver

June 22 2Kings23:1–25 Dr. David Silversides

June 23 2Chronicles34 Dr. David Silversides

June 24 2Kings23:26–24:7 Dr. David Silversides

June 25 2Chronicles35 Dr. David Silversides

June 26 2Kings24 Dr. David Silversides

June 27 Psalm60 Song:Jason Silver (David’s plea about 2 Sam 8)

June 28 Sun Psalm43 Song:Jason Silver (David’s plea about 2 Sam 18)

June 29 2Kings25 Dr. David Silversides

June 30 Psalm137 Song:Jason Silver ( goes with 2Kings 25)

July 1 2Chronicles36 Dr. David Silversides

July 2 Joel1 Dan Brooks

July 3 Joel2:1–27 Dan Brooks

July 4 Joel2:28–32 Dan Brooks

July 5 Sun Joel3 Dan Brooks

July 6 Jonah1:1–3 Dr. Brian Green

July 7 Psalm78 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

July 8 Jonah:1:4–6 Dr. Brian Green

July 9 Jonah1:7–13 Dr. Brian Green

July 10 Jonah1:14–16 Dr. Brian Green

July 11 Jonah1:17 Dr. Brian Green

July 12 Sun Psalm120 Song:Esther Mui

June 13 Jonah2 Dr. Brian Green

July 14 Jonah3 Dr. Brian Green

July 15 Jonah4:1–3 Dr. Brian Green

July 16 Jonah4:4–11 Dr. Brian Green

July 17 Amos1 Wayne Joyce

July 18 Amos2 Wayne Joyce

July 19 Sun Psalm101 Pastor Roger Ball

July 8 Amos3 Wayne Joyce

July 20 Amos4 Wayne Joyce

July 21 Amos5 Wayne Joyce

July 22 Amos6 Wayne Joyce

July 23 Amos7–8:8 Wayne Joyce

July 24 Amos8:9–14 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

July 25 Amos9 Wayne Joyce

July 26 Sun Psalm7 Song:The Psalms Project

July 28 Micah1 Dominic Smart

July 29 Micah2 Dominic Smart

July 30 Micah3 Dominic Smart

July 31 Micah4 Dominic Smart

August 1 Micah5 Dominic Smart

August 2 Sun Micah5:12 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

August 3 Micah6 Dominic Smart

August 4 Micah7 Dominic Smart

August 5 Hosea1 Wayne Joyce

August 6 Hosea2 Wayne Joyce

August 7 Hosea3 Wayne Joyce

August 8 Hosea4 Wayne Joyce

August 9 Sun Psalm47 Song:Jason Silver (goes with James 4:2)

August 10 Hosea5 Wayne Joyce

August 11 Hosea6 Wayne Joyce

August 12 Hosea7 Wayne Joyce

August 13 Hosea8 Wayne Joyce

August 14 Hosea9 Wayne Joyce

August 15 Hosea10 Wayne Joyce

August 16 Sun Psalm65 Song:Jason Silver

August 17 Hosea11 Wayne Joyce

August 18 Hosea12–13 Wayne Joyce

August 19 Hosea14 Wayne Joyce

August 20 Nahum1 Wayne Joyce

August 21 Nahum2–3 Wayne Joyce

August 22 Zephaniah1 Wayne Joyce

August 23 Sun Psalm68 Song:Jason Silver

August 24 Zephaniah2 Wayne Joyce

August 25 Zephaniah3 Wayne Joyce

August 26 Jeremiah1 Phil Johnston

August 27 Jeremiah2:1–5 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

August 28 Jeremiah2:6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

August 29 Jeremiah2:7 Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

August 30 Sun Psalm70 Don Green

August 31 Jeremiah2:8 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 1 Jeremiah2:9 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 2 Jeremiah2:10–12 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 3 Jeremiah2:13 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 4 Jeremiah2:14–17 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 5 Jeremiah2:18 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 6 Sun Psalm 141 Jeff Noblit

September 7 Jeremiah2:19 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 8 Jeremiah2:20–22 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 9 Psalm146 Dr. Stephen J. Lawson

September 10 Jeremiah2:26–37 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 11 Jeremiah3–6 Rev Ian Goligher

September 12 Jeremiah7 Marc Monte

September 13 Sun Psalm58 Song:Jason Silver

September 14 Jeremiah8 Pastor Eric Moerdyk

September 15 Jeremiah9 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 16 Jeremiah10 Rev Ian Goligher

September 17 Jeremiah11 Marc Monte

September 18 Jeremiah12 Rev Ian Goligher

September 19 Jeremiah13 Kyle White

September 20 Sun Psalm88 Dr. Charles H. Spurgeon

September 21 Jeremiah14 Pastor Jeff Crippen

September 22 Jeremiah15 Steve Wainright

September 23 Jeremiah16 Pastor Andrew Web

September 24 Jeremiah17:1–5 David Wilkerson

September 26 Jeremiah17:5–8 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 25 Jeremiah17:9–10 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 26 Jeremiah17:11 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 27 Sun Psalm108 Dr. Ligon Duncan

September 28 Jeremiah17:12 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 29 Jeremiah17:13 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

September 30 Jeremiah17:14–27 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

October 1 Jeremiah18 Marc Monte

October 2 Jeremiah19 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 3 Sat Psalm79 Rev. Kyle Paisley

October 4 Sun Acts1:1–11 N. T. Wright N.T. Wright These are 8–9 min each.

October 5 Jeremiah20 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 6 Jeremiah21 David Karoon

October 7 Jeremiah22 Dr. Ken Casillas

October 8 Jeremiah23 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 9 Jeremiah24 Marc Monte

October 10 Psalm72 N. T. Wright

October 11 Acts1:16–26 Dr. Ligon Duncan

October 12 Jeremiah25 Jeremy Twombley

October 13 Jeremiah26 Marc Monte

October 14 Jeremiah27 Jeremy Twombley

October 15 Jeremiah28 Jeremy Twombley

October 16 Jeremiah29 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 17 Sat Lamentations1 Dr. D. Ralph Davis

October 18 Sun Acts2:1–20 A W Tozer

October 19 Jeremiah29:4–11 Carter Conlon

October 20 Jeremiah30 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 21 Jeremiah31:1–30 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 22 Jeremiah31:31–40 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

October 23 Jeremiah32 Dr. Ian Goligher

October 24 Sat Lamentations2 Bill Parker

October 25 Sun Acts2:21–47 A W Tozer

October 26 Jeremiah33:1–13 Jeremy Twombley

October 27 Jeremiah33:14–37 Jeremy Twombley

October 28 Jeremiah34 Jeremy Twombley

October 29 Jeremiah35 Jeremy Twombley

October 30 Jeremiah36 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

October 31 Sat Lamentations3 Dr. Ralph Davis

November 1 Sun Acts3:1–6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

November 2 Jeremiah37 Jeremy Twombley

November 3 Jeremiah38 Jeremy Twombley

November 4 Jeremiah39 Dr. Ian Goligher

November 5 Jeremiah40–41 Jeremy Twombley

November 6 Jeremiah42–43 Jeremy Twombley

November 7 Sat Lamentations4 Dr. Ralph Davis

November 8 Sun Acts3:7–21 N.T. Wright

November 9 Jeremiah44 Jeremy Twombley

November 10 Jeremiah45 Jeremy Twombley

November 11 Jeremiah46–49 Jeremy Twombley

November 12 Jeremiah50 Jeremy Twombley

November 13 Jeremiah51 Larry Phillips

November 14 Sat Lamentations5 Dr. Ralph Davis

November 15 Sun Acts3:17–26 R. C. Sproul

November 16 Jeremiah52 Jeremy Twombley

November 17 Proverbs15 Damien Garofalo

November 18 Obadiah1 Wayne Joyce

November 19 Habakkuk1–3 Brad Baugham

November 20 Psalm 144 Dr. Ligon Duncan

November 21 Sat Acts4 Alistair Begg

November 22 Sun Acts5:1–11 R C Sproul

November 23 Acts5:12–42 R C Sproul

November 24 Acts6:1–7 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

November 25 Acts6:8–7:7 R C Sproul

November 26 Thanksgiving Psalm27 Pastor Shane Lewis

November 27 Acts7:8–8:3 R C Sproul

Novemter 28 Acts8:4–25 R C Sproul

November 29 Sun Psalm130 Dr. D. H. Thomas Advent

November 30 Acts8:25–40 R C Sproul

December 1 Acts9:1–31 Marc Monte

December 2 Acts9:32–43 R C Sproul

December 3 Acts10 Rev. John Greer

December 4 Acts10:44–11:18 R C Sproul

December 5 Sat Psalm59 Song:Jason Silver

December 6 Sun Ezekiel1:1–27 Jason E. Robertson

December 7 Acts11:19–30 R C Sproul

December 8 Acts:12:1–20 R C Sproul

December 9 Acts12:20–13:3 R C Sproul

December 10 Acts 13:4–26 R C Sproul (4–12) and R C Sproul (13–26)

December 11 Acts 27–52 R C Sproul (33–39) and R C Sproul(40–52)

December 12 Sat Psalm37 Song:Jason Silver

December 13 Sun Ezekiel1:28 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 14 Acts14 Dr. Alan Cairns

December 15 Galations1:1 Brian Borgman

December 16 Acts15:1–21 Ray Stedman

December 17 Galations1:2 Brian Borgman

December 18 Galations1:3–5 Brian Borgman

December 19 Galations1:8–10 Brian Borgman

December 20 Galations1:11–16a Brian Borgman

December 21 Sun Galations1:16–24 Brian Borgman

December 22 Galations1:6–7 Brian Borgman

December 23 Galations2 Brian Borgman

December 24 Galations3 Tony Hutson

December 25 Christmas Galations4:4–5 John Bellingham

December 26 Galations4 Dr. Stewart Custer

December 27 Ezekiel2 Dwight Schultz

December 28 Sat Psalm62 Rev. Paul Itema

December 29 Sun Galations5 Marc Monte

December 30 Ezekiel3:1–3 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 31 New Year’s Eve Deuteronomy11:12 C. H. Spurgeon

Audio Bible Study Plan

Links to Public domain Bible Audio and Corresponding…

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