Year 4 as 2020

Teresa Irizarry
Dec 21, 2019 · 8 min read
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January 1 Psalm33 Song: Sing to the Lord

January 2 Ezekiel3:4–28 Douglas Van Dorn

January 3 Ezekiel4 Dr. David Silversides

January 4 Psalm 41:1–3 Anthony Whitlach (goes w Ezekiel 4)

January 5 Acts15:22–16:10 Ray Stedman

January 6 Ezekiel5 Dr. David Silversides

January 7 Ezekiel6 Dr. David Silversides

January 8 Ezekiel7 Dr. David Silversides

January 9 Ezekiel8 Dr. David Silversides

January 10 Ezekiel9 Dr. David Silversides

January 11 Psalm41:4–13 Anthony Whitlach

January 12 Acts16:11–40 Ray Stedman

January 13 Ezekiel10 Dr. David Silversides

January 14 Ezekiel11 Dr. David Silversides

January 15 Ezekiel12 Dr. David Silversides

January 16 Ezekiel13:1–16 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

January 17 Ezekiel13:17–23 Dr. David Silversides

January 18 Psalm62 Song:Jason Silver

January 19 Acts17:1–15 Ray Stedman

January 20 Ezekiel14 Dr. David Silversides

January 21 Ezekiel15 Dr. David Silversides

January 22 Ezekiel16:1–14 Dr. David Silversides

January 23 Ezekiel16:15–34 Dr. David Silversides

January 24 Ezekiel 16:35–59 Dr. David Silversides

January 25 Psalm126 Song:Jason Silver

January 26 Acts17:16–34 Ray Stedman

January 27 Ezekiel16:60–63 Dr. David Silversides

January 28 Ezekiel17 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (focus on 17:24)

January 29 Ezekiel18 Dr. David Silversides

January 30 Ezekiel19 Dr. David Silversides

January 31 Ezekiel20:1–32 Dr. David Silversides

February 1 Psalm130 Song:Jason Silver

February 2 Acts18:1–22 Ray Stedman

February 3 Ezekiel20:33–44 Dr. David Silversides

February 4 Ezekiel20:45–21:7 Dr. David Silversides

February 5 Ezekiel21:8–17 Dr. David Silversides

February 6 Ezekiel21:18–27 Dr. David Silversides

February 7 Ezekiel21:28–32 Dr. David Silversides

February 8 Psalm127 Anthony Whitlach

February 9 1Thessalonians1 Ray Stedman

February 10 Ezekiel22:1–16 Dr. David Silversides

February 11 Ezekiel22:17–31 Dr. David Silversides

February 12 Ezekiel23 Dr. David Silversides

February 13 Ezekiel24 Dr. David Silversides

February 14 Ezekiel25 Dr. David Silversides

February 15 Psalm129 Song:Jason Silver

February 16 Acts18:23–19:7 Ray Stedman

February 17 Ezekiel26–27 Dr. David Silversides

February 18 Psalm86 Dr. Michael Barrett (goes with Ezekiel 26)

February 19 Ezekiel28 Dr. David Silversides

February 20 Ezekiel29 Dr. David Silversides

February 21 Ezekiel30–31 Dr. David Silversides

February 22 Psalm128 Al Fadi

February 23 1Thessalonians2:1–12 Ray Stedman

February 24 Ezekiel32 Dr. David Silversides

February 25 Ezekiel33:1–20 Dr. David Silversides

February 28 Ezekiel33:30–33 Dr. David Silversides

February 29 Psalm139 Pastor Roger Ball

March 1 1Thessalonians2:1–12 Ray Stedman

March 2 Ezekiel33:31–39 Dr. David Silversides

March 3 Ezekiel34 Dr. David Silversides

March 4 Ezekiel35 Dr. David Silversides

March 5 Ezekiel36:1–25 Dr. David Silversides

March 6 Ezekiel36:16 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 7 Psalm132 Dr. Ligon Duncan

March 8 1Thessalonians2:13–16 Ray Stedman

March 9 Ezekiel36:21–33 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 10 Ezekiel36:16–18 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 11 Ezekiel36:24 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 14 Psalm88 C H Spurgeon

March 15 1Thessalonians2:17–3:13 Ray Stedman

March 16 Ezekiel36:25 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 17 Ezekiel36:26 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 18 Ezekiel36:27 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 19 Ezekiel36:28 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 20 Ezekiel36:29–30 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 21 Psalm138 Don Green

March 22 1Thessalonians4:1–8 Ray Stedman

March 23 Ezekiel36:31–32 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 24 Ezekiel36:33–35 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 25 Ezekiel36:34–35 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 26 Ezekiel36:35–36 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 27 Ezekiel37 Dr. David Silversides

March28 Psalm124 Phil Johnson

March29 1Thessalonians4:9–18 Ray Stedman

March30 Ezekiel38–39 Dr. David Silversides

March31 Ezekiel40 Ray Stedman

April 1 Ezekiel41 Ray Stedman

April 2 Ezekiel42:1–43:9 Ray Stedman

April 3 Ezekiel43:10–27 Ray Stedman

April 4 Psalm109 (w Matthew27)Dr. Ligon Duncan

April 5 Palm Sunday Matthew27 Dr. R. C. Sproul

April 6 Ezekiel44 Dr. David Silversides

April 7 Ezekiel45 Dr. David Silversides

April 8 Ezekiel46 Dr. David Silversides

April 9 Ezekiel47:1–12 Dr. David Silversides

April 10 Ezekiel47:13–48 Dr. David Silversides

April 11 Psalm23:1–4 Pastor Roger Ball

April 12 Easter Psalm23:5–6 Pastor Roger Ball

April 13 Daniel1 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 14 Daniel1 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 15 Daniel2 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 17 Daniel2:19–45 Ray Stedman

April 18 Psalm10 Ted Trefsgar

April 19 1Thessalonians5:1–11 Ray Stedman

April 20 Daniel2:44 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 21 Daniel3 Dr. Jay E Adams

April 22 Daniel4 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 23 Daniel5 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 24 Daniel6 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 25 Psalm53 Anthony Whitlach

April 26 1Thessalonians5:12–28 Ray Stedman

April 27 Daniel7–8 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 28 Daniel7:9–14 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

April 29 Daniel9:1–23 Dr. Jay E. Adams

April 30 Daniel9:23–11:6 Dr. Jay E. Adams

May 1 Daniel11:7–28 Dr. Jay E. Adams

May 2 Psalm15 Steve Baker

May 3 2Thessalonians1:1–12 Ray Stedman

May 4 Catch-up Day

May 5 Daniel11:28–12:13 Dr. Jay E. Adams

May 6 Psalm14 Russ Suhkla

May 7 Psalm26 Rev David Silversides

May 8 Psalm87 Dominic Smart

May 9 Psalm49 Curt Guthrie

May 10 2Thessalonians2:1–12 Ray Stedman

May 11Haggai1–2 Dan Brooks

May 12 Zechariah1 Ferrell Griswold

May 13 Zechariah2 Dr. Michael Barrett

May 14 Zechariah3 Ferrell Griswold

May 15 Zechariah4 Dr. Michael Barrett

May 16 Catch-up Day

May 17 2Thessalonians2:13–3:5 Ray Stedman

May 18 Zechariah4:6 Alistair Begg

May 19 Zechariah5 Rev David Silversides

May 20 Zechariah6 Rev David Silversides

May 21 Zechariah7 Rev David Silversides

May 22 Zechariah8 Rev David Silversides

May 23 Psalm112 David McClelland

May 24 2Thessalonians3:6–18 Ray Stedman

May 25 Zechariah9 Rev David Silversides

May 26 Zechariah10 Rev David Silversides

May 27 Zechariah11 Pastor John MacArthur

May 28 Zechariah12 Rev David Silversides

May 31 Zechariah13 Rev David Silversides

May 30 Psalm48 Pastor Roger Ball

May 31 Acts19:8–20 Ray Stedman

June1 Zechariah14 Rev David Silversides

June 2 Ezra1–4 Ray Stedman

June 3 Ezra5–6 Dominic Smart

June 4 Ezra7–10 Dr. Norm Anderson

June 5 Nehemiah1 Ryan Chester

June 6 Psalm85 Duncan Campbell

June 7 Acts19:21–20:1 Ray Stedman

June 8 Nehemiah2:1–8 Brian Branum

June 9 Nehemiah2:9–20 Pastor Jeff Crippen

June 10 Nehemiah3 Brian Branum

June 11 Nehemiah4 Albert Mohler

June 12 Nehemiah5 Russell Betz

June 13 Psalm134 Phil Johnson

June 14 1Corinthians1:1–9 Ray Stedman

June 15 Nehemiah6:1–14 Steven Tunnicliff

June 16 Nehemiah6:15–7:3 Robin Shakal

June 17 Nehemiah7:4–73 Brian Branum

June 18 Nehemiah8 Jeff Savage

June 20 Psalm147 Dr. Ligon Duncan

June 211Corinthians:1:10–12 Alistair Begg

June 22 Nehemiah9:1–37 Jeff Savage

June 23 Nehemiah9:38–10:39 Al Fadi

June 24 Nehemiah11–12:26 Brian Branum

June 25Nehemiah12:27–43 Brian Branum

June 26 Nehemiah13 Russell Betz

June 27 Psalm119 Dr. Charles H. Spurgeon

June 28 1Corinthians1:10–17 Ray Stedman

June 29 Malachi1:1–5 Steve Cole

June 30 Malachi1:6–14 Steve Cole

July 1 Malachi2:1–9 Steve Cole

July 2 Malachi2:10–12 Steve Cole

July 3 Malachi:2:13–16 Steve Cole

July 4 Psalm54 Rev David Silversides

July 5 Catch-up Day

July 6 Malachi2:17–3:6 Steve Cole

July 7 Malachi3:7–12 Steve Cole

July 8 Malachi3:12 Steve Cole

July 9 Malachi3:13–18 Steve Cole

July 10 Malachi4:1–3 Steve Cole

July 11 Psalm64 Rev Michael Voytek

July 12 1Corinthians1:18–31 Dr. Albert Mohler

July 13 Malachi4:4–6 Steve Cole

July 14 Esther1–2 Ray Stedman

July 15 Esther3 Ray Stedman

July 16 Esther4 Ray Stedman

July 17 Esther5 Ray Stedman

July 18 Psalm123 Phil Johnson

July 19 1Corinthians2:1–5 Alistair Begg

July 20 Esther6 Ray Stedman

July 21 Esther7 Ray Stedman

July 22 Esther8 Ray Stedman

July 23 Esther9:1–15 Ray Stedman

July 24 Esther9:16–10:3 Ray Stedman

July 25 Catch-up Day

July 26 1Corinthians2:6–16 Alistair Begg

July 27 1Corinthians3:1–9 Alistair Begg

July 28 1Corinthians3:10–17 Alistair Begg

July 29 1Corinthians3:18–23 Alistair Begg

July 30 1Corinthians4:1–7 Ray Stedman

July 31 1Corinthians4:8–21 Ray Stedman

August 1 Psalm148 Dr. Bob Wood

August 2 1Corinthians5 Alistair Begg

August 3 1 Corinthians6:1–11 Ray Stedman

August 4 1Corinthians6:12–20 Ray Stedman

August 5 1Corinthians7:1–9 Ray Stedman

August 6 1Corinthians7:8–16 Alistair Begg

August 7 1Corinthians7:17–24 Alistair Begg

August 8 Psalm149 Dr. Ligon Duncan

August 9 1Corinthians7:25–40 Alistair Begg

August 10 1Corinthians8 Ray Stedman

August 11 1Corinthians9 Alistair Begg

August 12 1Corinthians9:24–10:13 Ray Stedman

August 13 1Corinthians10:14–11:1 Ray Stedman

August 14 1Corinthians11:2–16 Ray Stedman

August 15 Psalm150 Ted Miller

August 16 1Corinthians11:17–34 Ray Stedman

August 17 1Corinthians12:1–6 Ray Stedman

August 18 1Corinthians12:7–11 Ray Stedman

August 19 1Corinthians12:12–31 Ray Stedman

August 20 1Corinthians13:1–7 Ray Stedman

August 21 1Corinthians13:8–13 Ray Stedman

August 22 Proverbs5–7 Dr. Darrell Richard Ferguson

August 23 1Corinthians14:1–25 Ray Stedman

August 24 1Corinthians14:26–40 Ray Stedman

August 25 1Corinthians15:1–4 Ray Stedman

August 26 1Corinthians15:5–11 Ray Stedman

August 27 1Corinthians15:12–20 Ray Stedman

August 28 1Corinthians15:20–34 Ray Stedman

August 29 Psalm133 Anthony Whitlach and Roger Ball

August 30 1Corinthians15:35–49 Ray Stedman

August 31 1Corinthians15:50–58 Ray Stedman

September 1 1Corinthians16:1–9 Ray Stedman

September 2 1Corinthians16:10–24 Ray Stedman

September 3 Acts20:2–38 Ray Stedman

September 4 2Corinthians1:1–11 Ray Stedman

September 5 Psalm9:17–20 Roger Ball

September 6 2Corinthians1:12–2:4 Ray Stedman

September 7 2Corinthians2:5–11 Ray Stedman

September 8 2Corinthians2:12–17 Ray Stedman

September 9 2Corinthians3:1–11 Ray Stedman

September 10 2Corinthians3:12–18 Ray Stedman

September 11 Romans 8:18–28 Alistair Begg

September 12 Psalm46:1–11 Roger Ball

September 13 2Corinthians4:1–6 Ray Stedman

September 14 2Corinthians4:7–15 Ray Stedman

September 15 2Corinthians4:16–5:5 Ray Stedman

September 16 2Corinthians5:6–17 Ray Stedman

September 17 2Corinthians5:18–6:2 Ray Stedman

September 18 2Corinthians6:3–10 Ray Stedman

September 19 Psalm51:10–19 Pastor Roger Ball

September 20 2Corinthians6:11–7:1 Ray Stedman

September 21 2Corinthians7:2–16 Ray Stedman

September 22 2Corinthians8:1–15 Ray Stedman

September 23 2Corinthians8:16–9:15 Ray Stedman

September 24 2Corinthians10:1–6 Ray Stedman

September 25 2Corinthians10:7–18 Ray Stedman

September 26 2Corinthians11:1–15 Ray Stedman

September 27 Acts21:1–26 Ray Stedman

September 28 2Corinthians11:16–33 Ray Stedman

September 29 2Corinthians12:1–10 Ray Stedman

September 30 2Corinthians12:11–13:4 Ray Stedman

October 1 2Corinthians13:5–14 Ray Stedman

October 2 Romans1:1–32 Albert Mohler

October 3 Psalm51:1–9 Pastor Roger Ball (with Romans)

October 4 Romans1:1–7 Albert Mohler

October 5 Romans1:7–17 Albert Mohler (2018) or Albert Mohler (2004)

October 6 Romans1:16–18 Albert Mohler

October 7 Romans1:18–23 Albert Mohler

October 8 Romans1:24–32 Albert Mohler

October 9 Romans2:1–11 Albert Mohler

October 10 Psalm115 (withRomans3) Caleb Curtisi

October 11 Romans2:12–16 Albert Mohler

October 12 Romans2:17–29 Albert Mohler

October 13 Romans3:1–20 Albert Mohler

October 14 Romans3:21–26 Dr. Albert Mohler2019 Mohler2004 (thru v 25)

October 15 Romans3:27–4:12 Albert Mohler

October 16 Romans4:9–25 Albert Mohler

October 17 Psalm5 Song:Jason Silver

October 18 Romans5:1–2 Albert Mohler

October 19 Romans5:3–10 Ray Stedman

October 20 Romans5:18 Alistair Begg

October 21 Romans5:11–21 Ray Stedman

October 22 Romans6:1–7:4 Albert Mohler

October 23 Romans7:4–13 Albert Mohler

October 24 Acts21:27–22:29 Ray Stedman

October 25 Romans7:13–25 Albert Mohler

October 26 Romans8:1–13 Albert Mohler

October 27 Romans8:14–25 Albert Mohler

October 28 Romans8:26–28 Albert Mohler

October 29 Romans8:28–30 Albert Mohler

October 30 Romans8:33–39 Albert Mohler2005 Albert Mohler2007

October 31 Psalm44 Pastor Roger Ball (with Romans 8)

November 1 Romans8:39–9:5 Albert Mohler

November 2 Romans9:3–18 Albert Mohler

November 3 Romans9:19–33 Albert Mohler

November 4 Romans10:1–10 Albert Mohler

November 5 Romans10:1–8 Albert Mohler

November 6 Romans10:5–13 Albert Mohler

November 7 Acts22:30–23:35 Ray Stedman

November 8 Romans10:14–15 Albert Mohler

November 9 Romans10:16–17 Terry Dowds

November 10 Romans10:18–21 Albert Mohler

November 11 Romans11:1–15 Albert Mohler

November 12 Romans11:11–32 Albert Mohler

November 13 Romans11:33–12:1 Albert Mohler

November 14 Psalm69 Pastor John Pereira

November 15 Romans12:1–2 Albert Mohler

November 16 Romans12:3–8 Albert Mohler

November 17 Romans12:9–13 Albert Mohler

November 18 Romans12:14–21 Albert Mohler

November 19 Romans13:1–7 Albert Mohler

November 20 Romans13:8–14 Albert Mohler

November 21 Acts24 Ray Stedman

November 22 Romans14:1–10 Albert Mohler

November 23 Romans14:7–23 Albert Mohler

November 24 Romans15:1–13 Albert Mohler2005

November 25 Romans15:1–13 (2nd) Albert Mohler2006

November 26 Thanksgiving Psalm140 Dr. Ligon Duncan

November 27 Romans15:13–19 Albert Mohler

November 28 Psalm117 Rev Hans Overduin

November 29 Romans15:15–33 Albert Mohler

November 30 Romans16:1–16 Albert Mohler

Decmber 1 Romans16:16–19 Albert Mohler

December 2 Romans16:17–27 Albert Mohler

December 3 Acts25–26 Ray Stedman

December 4 Acts27 Ray Stedman

December 5 Acts 28 Ray Stedman

December 6 Acts 28 R C Sproul

December 7 Epilogue to Acts R C Sproul

December 8 Ephesians1:1 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 9 Ephesians1:2 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 10 Ephesians1:3 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 11 Ephesians1:4 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 12 Ephesians1:5 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 13 Ephesians1:6 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 14 Ephesians1:7 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 15 Ephesians1:8–9 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 16 Ephesians1:10 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 17 Ephesians1:11–14 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 18 Epheisans1:15–16 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 19 Ephesians1:17 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 20 Ephesians1:18 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 21 Ephesians1:19–20 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 22 Ephesians1:20–23 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 23 Ephesians2:1–3 Ray Stedman

December 24 Ephesians2:4–6 Ray Stedman

December 25 Galatians4:4 Albert Mohler

December 26 Ephesians2:7 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 27 Ephesians2:7–10 Ray Stedman

December 28 Ephesians2:11–13 Ray Stedman

December 29 Ephesians2:14–16 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 30 Ephesians2:15–18 Ray Stedman

December 31 Ephesians2:19 Charles Spurgeon

Audio Bible Study Plan

Links to Public domain Bible Audio and Corresponding…

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