Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump

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Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump is a great book if you want an inside account of what it was like to work for the FBI in the early 2000’s. There is little or no insight into Russia and Trump and more than anything this book is a memoir of a hard working but privileged FBI agent that rose quickly through the ranks and was fired for political reasons.

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I heard about this book when they interviewed the author, Peter Strzok on NPR. I used to love NPR, I still listen to it everyday but the level of bullshit is through the roof. When they interviewed the author for this book not once did they mention his affair that had led to his fame and this whole uproar in the first place, not once did they mention the fact that as a government official the author had no business interfering with an election, not even jokingly. The book is good but it offers nothing new and is just another “Trump book” for my shelf.

Let’s get our disclosures out of the way first, I believe that Peter Strzok and President Donald J. Trump are both absolute pieces of shit. Just look at this fucking guy:

The author is famous for being a high level FBI law man, having an affair with a woman he supervised and, according to him, “joking” about using his power at the FBI to “stop Donald Trump” from getting elected. I hate Donald Trump as much as anyone but this book and books like it that seek to discredit the man using insults and hypocrisy just makes it worse, The Donald is horrible enough on his own.

On top of that, Strzok states clearly that he wants to see Snowden tried in America and that he is a “traitor”. The author of this book says that Edward Snowden should return to America where he would be quote, “tried fairly.” Yes, that’s right, tried fairly in America for his quote, “crimes,” for blowing the whistle on an illegal surveillance program, Edward Snowden should face trial for his crimes? That is what this FBI law man believes.

So, he is on the exact wrong side of history about Edward Snowden but then the author plays the victim card beautifully. Strzok was a high-level FBI official who was caught having an affair with a subordinate and talking about interfering with an election. But, just like a good victim he refuses to talk about any of that because it’s “not relevant”. Just like a good victim he ignores reality and chooses to focus solely on the minute detail of where he feels he was wrong, the “leaking” of his text messages with his mistress.

A culture of victimization can only exist in a narcissistic world, the only way that everyone can be a victim is if narcissism has become generally accepted. In my opinion that is how you get people like Donald Trump and Peter Strzok in positions of power. Narcissism is now so widely accepted that when a true narcissist comes around people can no longer recognize the behavior as odd, this is the America we live in now. The perpetrator is now the victim.

If Trump were in jail right now this book would make complete sense, if the Russian investigations were still going on this book would make sense. But this book is just more of the same. We know Trump is an idiot. My take, people chose an idiot over Hilary Clinton is WORSE than a random idiot, but I don’t know, I hated them both. The fact that I listened to this book is a perfect indication of everything that has gone wrong with Western culture. A deeply flawed old white man is a position of great power hurling superficial insults at another old white man with enormous power.

Find this book, Compromised, and more at

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