100 Days to Happiness

If you’re looking for a real bang for your buck, Jerry Banfield’s Becoming Happier podcast series is what you need. Jerry recorded one of these a day for over 100 days, holding court on a wide variety of subjects, from living in the moment to how to tell if an idea is a good or bad one to positive visualization. I followed him to his podcast from a self-help site he used to be on. I’m glad I did.

Jerry believes that, in order to help others, you need to be totally honest about yourself, and he certainly doesn’t beat around the bush. He opens up about his drinking problem, his body issues, even his struggles with the opposite sex. There’s nothing too embarrassing for him to talk about. It lets you really connect with him. You know he’s always going to say exactly what’s on his mind, no BS. That means, when he gives advice, he really means it. He’s just a normal guy, struggling to get through life just like you or me. He’s just made it his goal to learn everything he can about helping others and wants to share it with us.

Jerry doesn’t promise to have all the answers or that he has a perfect system to follow. He just offers suggestions for how to find and maintain a happier mindset. With this podcast project, he shows us how to do that through extensive self-reflection and the ability to be open and accepting of past mistakes. Considering that he lost 65 pounds and had the wherewithal to do one of these recordings every day, he certainly has some idea what he’s doing. At the very least, with so much material to listen to, you’ll find something that could help you out. Happiness may seem difficult to achieve, but with a guide like Jerry, you’re in good hands.

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App Review by: Morgan Lee