A Course on Motivational Tips for Everyday that WORKS!

Since I decided to become an entrepreneur, my day to day life seemed to get more and more distraught with stress, and I had to deal with the resulting demotivation. For the record, I always thought of audio and online courses as being of dubious merit. However, I decided to take up Anne Kelly’s course on motivational tips at my friend’s insistence, who waxed lyrical about how practical it was. Now five days through the course, I am happy to have given it a try!

Anne Kelly commences the course with usually overlooked, yet essential tip of treating ourselves at least once a week, and how habitually engaging in an activity we love and taking time for ourselves bring more clarity and productivity into our lives. Following, the course underscores the importance of keeping our posture in check and learning how to appreciate the little moments that occur in our everyday lives. Both of which I found to be essential. I, personally, took an immediate liking to the tip which is to have an intention before starting a day, and this part has been instrumental in me not starting my day willy-nilly. Moreover, I used to be a perfectionist to a fault, from the Anne Kelly’s tips I have learned that striving for perfectionism tends to lead me astray, instead, I had to be present and live in the moment. Anne Kelly does not fall short of new year resolutions tips and pieces of advice either and encourages us to grasp the importance of having resolutions for the new year and focusing on the happy moments we had in the preceding one. In the succeeding parts, she offers tips on making use of our five senses to relieve the boredom that occurs when we are engaged in tedious tasks. I particularly loved the part where she teaches how to maintain mindfulness during times of prolonged worry and anxiety. I have also learned how to distract myself during times when I feel a bit down and to muster up all the motivation I can to forge ahead in my business ventures.

Overall, me using Anne Kelly’s course and seeing tangible results in my life is a testament to how practical and feasible the tips she offers are. I especially loved that the course is not time-consuming and to the point and I would not have second thoughts about referring a friend or anyone to this course!

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Content Review by: Laina Jones