A helpful course on proteins - that won’t let you down

As a budding gym geek myself, I always find myself gulping down my protein shakes after sweating it out in the gym. Who doesn’t? Really? Protein, as we all know, builds muscle. But, to maximize the result protein offers, I badly needed to know its fundamentals and how it worked.

I was introduced to Brad Newton’s course by my ‘gym buddy’- a 23-year-old student from China. He went nonlinear about how Brad Newton was the real deal and how his course had helped him understand the way protein worked. So, I decided to give the course a shot.

After going through the course step by step, I can say without a doubt that the course has been helpful in terms of enlightening me to the world of protein. The course’s instructor Brad Newton kicks off the course with the broad strokes of protein. In the second part, he zooms in on whey proteins and their aspects. How to make a whey protein shake, how much to consume in a day, how much protein to get from whole foods as opposed to whey protein shakes, are all covered here in this part.

I learned a lot from the section on amino spiking, which I realized is commonplace among manufacturers of protein. After spending some time with the course, I know how to read protein labels to make sure I am not being scammed into protein powder that is inferior quality or that contains ingredients, that are not so healthy. 
 Another feature I found useful about the course is that it is delivered in the most easy- to- understand method possible without recourse to abstruse concepts and wording. So, you won’t see any medical jargon used in the course. Also, the course is laid out in an accessible way and does not require much effort to follow and understand.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this particular course. The clarity and the simplicity of the audio course make it a perfect course for anyone who wants to learn how proteins work so that they can get the maximum benefit from them.

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App Review by: Tiago Forte