An Audio Course that will Help You Lose Weight! FOR REAL!

My unbridled love for juicy In-N-Out burgers and cheesy bread has culminated in my 20- pound weight gain over the last five months. To get rid of the unwelcome 20 pounds, I have tried everything, barring extremes such as starving myself to death. While on the look-out for some new courses on the internet, I came across the empowered hypnosis course on losing and maintaining weight. After conquering my initial skepticism about its credibility, I decided to give the course a shot!

The course contains a number of hypnotic affirmations. The first affirmation is about weight loss itself, and thinking yourself as thin, which aims to help us form a better idea of our body image. As soon as I listened to the first affirmation, I knew that the course was the real deal, however, to get the most out of these affirmations one has to listen to them with a clear mind and zero distractions. The affirmations on having the motivation to exercise and to diet are great. I appreciated the affirmations about stopping to eat junk food, and chocolate- two of my biggest enemies. There is also a healthy body image affirmation, which I thought was really nice. Then follow the affirmation on controlling my hunger, a challenge which I thought was virtually impossible. Affirmations on a perfect body shape and weight are the last two in the course. Contrary to my initial assumptions, the course proved to be a practical one, filled with practical affirmations. However, to get the maximum out of these courses, one has to put in effort and time into the affirmations. Admittedly, the course has not proved to be a panacea for all my weight issues, however, it was instrumental in me gaining confidence about myself, and my body image. Since the course involves hypnosis, it seems like a rarefied area for so many of us, but if you bear with the course, it really does help you gain a sense of motivation to help you get rid of the extra pounds and stay healthy!

Overall, the course is relatively short and is suitable for anyone. Of course, the course itself is not going help you lose your extra weight overnight, however, the tested and tried hypnotic affirmations it contains will equip you with the source of motivation and conviction that will put you in good stead in your fight against weight gain.

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Content Review by: Jenna Keane