Four Weeks to an Amazing Sex Life

I’ve been with my girlfriend for years. It’s been wonderful. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been problems. Every couple has issues. The one place you don’t want issues is the bedroom. It can be difficult to maintain your sex life when you’re both busy all the time. That’s exactly the problem that we have. It’s hard finding time to have sex. The sex feels perfunctory when we do. Thankfully, Dr. Martha Lee has the solution.

Her Sex Jumpstart course is aimed at couples who feel like they’ve hit a rut. It’s nice because it’s spread out over four weeks. She wants you to build slowly back to great sex. Each week she gives you both explanations as to why your sex life might be having problems and exercises you can do with your partner to help regain the excitement. It’s easy to get complacent in bed when you’ve been together for a while. You know each other’s tricks. She wants you to go back to basics and rediscover each other’s bodies. Her advice helps you find new ways to see each other even if you think you’ve seen it already.

Dr. Lee clearly has a lot of experience with couples. She brings that all to her courses. It’s nice hearing somebody speak with such confidence in her field. That knowledge really helps the listener. After going through the entire course, I found that it helped my girlfriend and me. We really enjoyed the exercises. More than that, we really enjoyed the newfound intimacy it gave us. I can’t recommend this program enough. Even if you think you have a great sex life, your partner may not feel the same. This will help you get on the same page and back in between the sheets.

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Content Review by: John Ryan