Got Stress Like Me? Gina Ryan’s Insightful Course is an App For That… Anxiety and Panic Attacks Too!

Gina Ryan’s audio course on overcoming stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD was fantastic! I have fought anxiety and stress for as long as I can remember, and I understand exactly how challenging it can be to overcome. Our mind can overwhelm us and become filled with crippling bad thoughts out of nowhere. With Gina’s course, she helped to educate me on tips, habits, and practice mindfulness of the mind to limit anxiety induced thoughts. I had no idea there was so much great content out there on how to effectively manage stress and anxiety.

Gina has quite a friendly and easy to listen to voice with good style to keep things interesting for the listener. What I enjoyed most about her course is that she explains how anxiety and some emotional responses surrounding it can be viewed from a new perspective. She explains how anxiety affects the mind and how we can control our thinking habits to view things from a new lens.

  1. Mind reading — The idea that we convince ourselves to understand exactly what someone else is thinking, will say, or the answer to a potential request. I’m guilty of this one. Gina explains how we often think we know what others are thinking of us when the truth is usually far from what is on our mind.
  2. Should — If you’re anything like me, you convince yourself of everything you should be doing which as Gina describes sets up rules for your life. These ‘rules’ create a very tight rope to live life and don’t allow for the much-needed elasticity that life demands. Gina explains how this creates guilt when something didn’t get done that you felt should have.
  3. Worry — Gina talks about how worry is the function of our imagination and the fuel to our creative minds. She explains how examples of productive worrying include; planning, solving problems, thinking ahead, and making safe choices. Worrying is destructive thinking, we want to use our mind to use our and brain and think about our lives consciously.

Overall Gina provides an engaging experience with her listeners to provide tools and tips on preventing and clearing away anxiety. Anxiety provoking thinking habits, the business of the imagination, and how to get out of feeling ‘stuck in anxiety as the default’ way of thinking.

I’ve battled with anxiety my entire life. Gina’s course has helped me to understand that at the very least I am not alone. I don’t always win the battle of my mind. With this course, I feel more confident and mindful about my anxiety and how to overcome it in difficult situations.

If you struggle with stress and anxiety like I do, Gina’s content will give you a lot to think about the next time you are feeling stressed, anxious, or worrying about your life.

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Content Review by: Amy Chung