Growing Your Business With the Right Words

I first came to Joeel and Natalie for their self-help expertise, but little did I know that this power couple had other tricks up their sleeves. I shouldn’t have been surprised. You don’t get to their level of success without knowing how to run a successful business. Thankfully, in the same way that they share their life experiences with us to help us become better people, they are also happy to share their business experiences with us to help us make better choices in that aspect of our lives as well.

I, myself, own a small business, and I’ve run into some of the very challenges that they outline here. It seems silly, because I know I have a good product, but my bank account doesn’t reflect that. I thought I’d done everything right, but it turns out I’ve been marketing myself all wrong. I obviously know that marketing is important, but I don’t have the available funds to hire a marketing firm, and I thought I could do it myself.

Joeel and Natalie layout a lot of common sense, easy to use strategies. I was advertising the product, not my life story with it. It turns out that’s the key to really connecting with customers. And the proof is in the pudding. Once I started really taking a more personal approach to my advertising, and following the directions here, I noticed a definite uptick in my sales ledger. I only wish I had known all this months ago. Thankfully the Riveras are here to help.

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Content Review by: Mark Davis