Sorry, Honey — Mommy Needs Some Time to Herself

As a mother of three, I’m always feeling overwhelmed. I want to be the best wife and parent possible — helping my husband when he feels stressed out from work, taking care of my little angels, volunteering at school and soccer and Girl Scouts. It takes a toll. When everyone else depends on me, it feels really selfish to devote energy to myself. If you’re like me, Set Boundaries and Take Your Power Back! by Joeel and Natalie Rivera is a lifesaver. They give you permission to say no.

It’s neat to have two people giving the course. Joeel and Natalie each have different approaches to their teaching methods, and sometimes when one doesn’t sink in, the other will. They go through and start off telling you why it’s okay to turn people down and why it’s important to pay attention to ourselves and our own needs (without being mean, of course). They walk you through ways to contribute to your own well-being, show you warning signs to look out for, and give you the tools to put together a vision for achieving your own goals. It’s easy to understand, with a lot of examples from their own lives. They welcome you in and make you feel comfortable with being comfortable with yourself.

Since I started using their techniques, it’s not like I’ve stopped being a mother or a wife. My children still depend on me, and I love my husband and want to support him. This course allowed me to know when I’m crossing my own boundaries, and when I’m hurting myself by trying to do too much — I don’t have to make brownies for both the soccer team AND the bake sale. When I put my energy towards fewer goals, I put more energy into each goal, and that not only makes those around me happier, it makes me happier as well.

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App Review by: Andrew Broz