The Golden Rule for Weight Loss

If there’s anything I hate more than being overweight, it’s the overwhelming amount of weight loss options out there. From the big-name portion control programs to random blogs on the Internet, there are a million places that claim to be some sort of “magic bullet” that lets you zap the fat. Brad Newton doesn’t claim that. He just gives you the tools you need to know how weight loss works (or weight gain, if you’re trying to get ripped, and I envy you if you are) and how to put them into practice for yourself.

Newton bases his teachings on solid scientific data. His meal planning course revolves around a seemingly simple equation: to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you use. To gain weight, you need to take in more calories than you need. In other words… those old standbys, diet and exercise. And while going out for that run or not eating that entire cheese pizza is up to you, Newton tells you how to calculate just how much of that pizza you can have and how far you need to run. Those specifics, which you tailor to your own individual needs, likes, and goals, allow you to create a weight loss program that works for you, not just some generic human similar to you.

Losing weight takes a while to see results, especially if you’re doing it right. With these guidelines, though, I’ve started on my own path to shedding pounds and building a better body. I’ve already started to see the first results. Newton isn’t some miracle worker, but he sure makes it a lot easier for you to create your own miracles. He’s so thorough and entertaining that it’s hard not to learn something from him.

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Content Review by: Oliver Green