Want some love language advice? Get Bodgan Vaida’s audio course.

Usually, when journey to my local bookstore — Barnes & Noble - looking for advice on how to improve relationships, I am invariably met with a plethora of self-help audio courses and other material, which, I am sure, will help me more with my listening skills rather than with teaching me the language skills I needed to maintain a steady relationship.

However, I can’t say the same for Bogda Vaida’s latest audio course. Unlike many of the self-help courses on communication in relationships I stumble upon at Barner & Nobles, Bogdan Vaida’ audio course on how to improve our love language is on target and to the point.

The course, itself, commences with a succinct introduction to how language is a key in cultivating long and fruitful relationships. It then progresses onto the five love languages- word of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, acts of service and quality of time. Bogdan’s easy-to-understand explanations not only make absorbing these concepts a breeze, but also a joy.

Personally, I loved the real life situations used in the course. While these examples have really been of great in terms helping incorporate the advice into my own personal life, the weekly worksheets that come with the course have helped to reinforce my understanding. Overall, I have gotten a basic idea of how to ensure the language I use to articulate my love is in sync with that of my partner.

Another important feature of the course I found really useful is that the pieces of advice and pointers on romantic relationships are perfectly applicable to other kinds of relationships. Whether you are looking to improve your leadership, employment or even sales language, this amazing toolkit created by Bogdan Vaida will, undoubtedly, put you in a good stead.

The immensely useful love languages touched upon, the real life examples used, the worksheets and the versatility of the love languages have made this audio course really a joy for me to study. Highly recommended!

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App Review by: Daniel Brett