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A new stablecoin is added to the audio metaverse: mint your Crypto Fuzzy with JPYC

Metaverse enthusiasts can now unlock the interactive audio NFT collection through Polygon Matic and JPYC

Minting your own Crypto Fuzzy is easier than ever with JPYC

NFT creatures in world’s first audio metaverse

Earlier this month, we released the interactive audio NFT collection “Crypto Fuzzy” in the world’s first audio metaverse.

In this audio-only metaverse, users of the platform can communicate with other virtual users from a distance, in an augmented audio space that is also connected to the actual physical location of that space. Not only can users use their voice to communicate in the audio metaverse, it’s a space for audio creators to communicate in their art language. The audio spaces can be customized to an environment where users feel at home and where they can create NFT to share with the world.

Crypto Fuzzies are the first NFT creatures to inhabit the audio metaverse and allows users to observe and interact with them.

Up until now, the collection could be minted with Polygon Matic. Due to the demand for more stablecoin minting options, users can now mint the Fuzzies with JPYC.

What is JPYC?

JPYC is a stablecoin pegged to the Japanese Yen, which means users can use the coin to shop at a rate of 1 JPYC = 1 JPY. The coin is mainly distributed on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and gives users ability to use cryptocurrency, while still mitigating the volatility of unpegged cryptocurrencies. Thus the term, stablecoin.

Minting a Crypto Fuzzy with JPYC

The process to mint a Crypto Fuzzy with JPYC is virtually identical to minting with MATIC.

  • Go to
  • Click ‘connect’ and connect your wallet
  • If you don’t have a wallet or any JPYC yet, it’s easy to get started with a trusted exchange like Coinbase
  • Click ‘Mint with JPYC’

And that’s it! Congratulations, you just minted your very own Crypto Fuzzy with JPYC.

👾 To get the latest updates on the Crypto Fuzzy NFTs, sign up at Mint one now to get a free Cube in the Audio Metaverse!



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