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Audio Metaverse CEO Takahito Iguchi: Wanting to quit the startup community is what made me stay

Asia Tech Podcast spoke with Takahito Iguchi about how isolation helped him decide to build audio metaverse platform Cubemint

I lost everything, feeling alone and depressed. Then I realized: I can’t be the only one,” says Audio Metaverse CEO and founder Takahito Iguchi, “and that’s where I found the inspiration to create a place that lets people connect with others through audio and voice.

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Last month Asia Tech Podcast invited Takahito Iguchi for a podcast session following Audio Metaverse, Inc.’s announcement of developing the world’s first audio metaverse platform.

Michael Waitze, the host of the show, asked him about his journey as a serial entrepreneur. Starting in 2008, he moved from Tokyo to San Francisco having no experience in the startup community to eventually raise $15M for his VR app Sekai Camera, one of the first of its kind at the time.

However, running a business and managing teams in both the US and Japan was very challenging and resulted in Iguchi getting fired from his then second product Telepathy.

From social audio to the audio metaverse

The period after Takahito Iguchi’s firing was trying and isolating to a point where he considered leaving the startup community entirely. Then Iguchi realized he surely wasn’t the only one feeling lonely. He wanted to find a way for people to effortlessly connect with others through their voice and audio.

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Last year the entrepreneur decided to take his years of experience in social audio and apply it to the metaverse.

With the development of audio metaverse platform Cubemint we’re looking into tackling the boundaries currently felt with social audio and web2.0 and building opportunities for everyone to create and benefit from the augmented audio platform,” Iguchi explains.

The platform merges physical spaces and augmented audio spaces based on GPS location. You can mint your own NFT Cubes and audio while connecting with other users, in the space of your preference. All you need to do is pop in your earbuds and enter the audio metaverse through the Cubemint app.

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Audio Metaverse Inc. is launching Cubemint: an augmented audio reality platform where participants can interact with sound NFT assets.

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