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AudioShake Indie, a platform to help indie labels, artists, and producers open up their recordings to new revenue streams

From corrupted hard drives, to songs that were recorded long before stems were a “thing,” many artists and producers have experienced the frustration and disappointment of losing their projects and stems. That’s why today we’re putting our award-winning tech, already used by major labels and top publishers, directly in the hands of indie artists, producers, and labels, at indie-friendly prices, on a platform just for them: AudioShake Indie.

AudioShake is already being used by artists for a variety of purposes, from the popular pop star Thuy, rapper Esper Beats, and the producer jaxxtone — who all used AudioShake to recreate lost session files — to the rock band Bronze Radio Return, who used AudioShake stems to land a sync deal in a major ad campaign.

Rock band Four Star Riot used our AI stems to remaster a 2006 album, and the label Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment created a capella stems to preserve the unique vocals of older songs that it wanted to update and re-release.

We’ve also seen exciting projects in emerging areas of music, like Houston Kendrick, who ran an AI stem remix contest on the blockchain, and Dadabots, who generate death metal with AI, and use sound separation to pull that mono-track recording into stems so they can then create a stereo mix.

We’re excited to highlight their and other artists’ stories and music on AudioShake Indie, and hope our service can help reunite artists with their work, and help them open up new creative projects and revenue opportunities.



AudioShake is a powerful AI that can take a recording from any point in time and deconstruct it into separated vocal and instrument tracks called stems. Creating stems opens up creative opportunities to make music and other audio more interactive, accessible, and profitable.

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AudioShake splits audio into its stems, helping make music and other kinds of audio more interactive and accessible.