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Houston Kendrick x AudioShake: The World’s First AI Stem Remix Contest!

Indie artist Houston Kendrick has partnered with AudioShake to run the world’s first-ever remix contest powered by AI stems

The independent artist builds intricate, genre-bending worlds that blend rap, R&B, and pop with rich lyrics and visuals. A popular artist on Spotify, with over 2.5 million streams, Houston is always interested in finding new, deeper ways to connect with his fans beyond a social media post. When he heard about AudioShake’s ability to separate songs into their stems, it sparked an idea: What if an artist could run a remix contest powered by AI stems?

From Kanye to Courtney Barnett, artists are increasingly turning to stems as a way to further connect their fans to their work, catalyzing a new kind of conversation around their work and deepening engagement with their songs. Houston is taking this trend a step further, becoming the first artist to run a remix contest with AI stems. The contest will run on blockchain streaming platform Audius, which makes it easy for fans to get credit for their remixes, and to be seen by both the original artist and wider community.

Starting today, the stems to Houston’s memorable track, “Small Infinity,” will be available on for fans to remix for cash and merch prizes.

“People often talk about art and technology as if they are at odds, but the truth is that we’ve been using technology to create music for decades,” says Houston. “And what greater compliment for an artist than to see their work reimagined, in conversation with their fans?”

Timed with the Audius x AudioShake stem drop, Houston will also release an acapella version of his entire album via his distributor GoodCopBadCop, allowing fans and producers to experience his exceptional standalone vocals and provide an additional wave of promotion for the contest.

We can’t wait to see how fans will re-imagine Houston’s song!



AudioShake is a powerful AI that can take a recording from any point in time and deconstruct it into separated vocal and instrument tracks called stems. Creating stems opens up creative opportunities to make music and other audio more interactive, accessible, and profitable.

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