Aun Egg Audits the Steam MMO Swamp #06[The Searcher Wild West Adventure & The Last Front]

We have two titles for you today, and neither are “massively multiplayer” despite being listed as such on Steam. The Searcher Wild West Adventure has a maximum of four players on player-hosted servers and The Last Front is capped at 16 players. The “massively multiplayer” tag for The Last Front is a user tag, so it’s not the developer’s fault here, but the tag for The Searcher Wild West Adventure appears to be yet another attempt to draw in customers to scam by Ghost_RUS. Neither game has an active player base and even if they did, I don’t recommend either even if free-to-play. Both were 99 cents to me and came close to being refunds. They do actually work, though.

Population Count

Green: The Searcher. Blue: The Last Front.

The Last Front peaked at 6 players over two years ago. The Searcher peaked at two players over two years ago. I’m probably the only person to play either in the past 30 days. These aren’t just obscure hidden gems. These games have a lack of quality to support these figures.

The Searcher Wild West Adventure

The Searcher Wild West Adventure is explicitly tagged as such by the developer, as seen below:

Three pieces of information to notice here:

  1. Tag from Sentinels of the Store discussing prejudiced remarks that are apparently quite common from Ghost_RUS.
  2. One achievement that’s been achieved by over 96% of players. It’s possible part of this scam game’s raison d’être is for scamming the achievement hunter community. It’s quite the easy game to 100% when all you have to do is open the game.
  3. A bundle of 76 games by the same solo developer for $76.88. Even the most time-efficient, skilled solo developers don’t create 76 games worthy of a price tag during a lifetime. This guy apparently created 76 games, DLCs, etc for sale in just a few years.
This is one of the maps.

The game itself involves a single scene modified slightly with assets that are randomly strewn about. It’s a definite asset flip. You pick up a coin. That’s it. Movement feels like moving around a tutorial project in UE4, and not a completed, well-designed tutorial either.

This is a different map than the above and if you add a train to first map, you have the 3rd map.

Perhaps this was just a simple casual game that really flopped or is still in development or something? Let’s look at other titles by Ghost_RUS to see if that might be true.

This uses free community assets for Wolfenstein 3D that are cobbled together in a mess of a game. Assets weren’t intended for a commercial product.
I had to use quite a bit of care to keep this capture within Medium’s standards. Even if you ignore the adult content, the underlying game is absolute trash.
The only reason these games get mixed in reviews is from meme and bot reviews.

Avoid Nikita “Ghost_RUS” at all costs. The games are shoddily made, worse than school projects from my undergraduate years.

The Last Front

The Last Front by Fever Game Studios appears to be a much higher quality of the above’s “design methodology”. I’m willing to recognize this title as being a result of inexperience and lacking an art team at least. The gun mechanics aren’t good. Movement is jumpy. AI is quite awful, being able to detect you through buildings at times while other times not even seeing in front of the AI opponents. The guns don’t even point toward you as you are getting shot, making it feel quite awkward.

This game, if content were to be expanded by quite a bit and population caps increased to 100 or more, with a persistent world, could start approaching an MMOFPS like Planetside 2. A much worse version obviously.
Assets appear to be from a polygon FPS pack available on the store.


Both of these games work, which is a plus, but neither is worth investing into. Even under the broadest definition of an MMO, both fail to meet the definition. Both also fail to meet anything resembling basic quality in their respective genres as well. Two asset flips, one created by a prejudiced scammer. $2.13 altogether was money poorly spent if not for likely recouping those losses from review income.



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