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$AUDIO Mainnet Recap

It’s been just a few days since the launch of $AUDIO and simply put, the reception has exceeded our wildest expectations 🤯

From Skrillex to Alina Baraz and Russ, the mainnet launch of Audius brought about a new wave of artist onboarding unlike anything we’ve seen since the platform launched a year ago.

Of the 50M $AUDIO distributed to our 10,000 most active artists & fans via a retroactive airdrop, 22M tokens have been claimed so far.

This comes with nearly 300 members of the new $AUDIOholder token-permissioned Discord channel. More details on the distribution can be found here.

For those who missed it, we recently launched $AUDIO — a native platform token driving all aspects of Audius. $AUDIO puts the community in control, offering a direct mechanism to participate in the future of the platform as a token holder.

To celebrate our mainnet concert with deadmau5 and RAC, we surprised attendees with the ability to claim 500 $AUDIO by texting their Audius username to a special number displayed on the show banner.

Screenshot at the $AUDIO text-to-claim process!

Roughly 650 ravers claimed the surprise airdrop during the show, a big milestone for growing the community we’re so proud to be a part of.

Still, these metrics don’t compare to the growth of the Audius platform itself.

Whether it was our catalog growing by 33% in the past four days, to fans streaming 200k plays per day over the weekend, or a new record of 27.5MM monthly API calls, we’d like to thank each and every one of our loyal supporters for helping to kickstart the next chapter in an artist-owned streaming protocol.

Total streams pulled from

We can only imagine this played a role in Audius becoming a Top 100 music app on the App Store!

All things considered, we’re excited to double down on this newfound interest to further drive the unstoppable streaming protocol that is Audius.

While the $AUDIOdrop was a historic milestone to honor our early adopters, the Audius team is working closely with the community on ongoing reward mechanisms to be vetted and implemented.

We invite you to join the conversation by dropping into our $AUDIOphile Discord channel!

We’ll be sharing more updates like this in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned for all things $AUDIO.

Until then, we’ll see you in the green room!

Please note, no member of the Audius team will reach out to you requesting to send $AUDIO tokens for any help or service. Be wary of others trying to mimic the $AUDIO ticker using a different contract address, as the official token address is 0x18aaa7115705e8be94bffebde57af9bfc265b998

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Audius'​ mission is to create a fully decentralized community of artists, developers, and listeners collaborating to share and defend the world's music.

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