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Welcome $AUDIO to Mainnet

TLDR: The $AUDIO platform token is live on mainnet. Our top 10,000 artists & fans received an exclusive $AUDIOdrop now available to claim in your dashboard and use on the Audius platform.

We’re giving 50M $AUDIO, or 5% of the initial supply, to our top 10,000 artists & fans through an exclusive $AUDIOdrop to be used on the Audius platform .

Claim Your $AUDIOdrop

$AUDIO Discord

$AUDIOdrop Details

Score =

(0.75*least(streams_on_your_content,2500)/2500) + (0.1*least(followers,1000)/1000) + (0.05*least(favorites_on_your_playlists, 100)/100) + (0.05*least(favorites, 100)/100) + (0.05*least(reposts,100)/100)

  • Streams on your content = 75%
  • Your Followers = 10%
  • Favorites of your Playlists = 5%
  • Number of Songs you Favorited = 5%
  • Number of Songs you Reposted = 5%

$AUDIO Distribution

Projected $AUDIO suuply through July of 2026.

$AUDIOdrop: 55M AUDIO (5.5%)

Foundation Treasury: 178M AUDIO (17.8%)

Team & Advisors: 406M AUDIO (40.6%)

Investors: 360M AUDIO (36%)

$AUDIO Issuance

$AUDIO Staking Migration

Why Should I Care?

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Audius'​ mission is to create a fully decentralized community of artists, developers, and listeners collaborating to share and defend the world's music.

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