Augmented reality business card: Make an easy reach to your business

Augmented Reality Business Cards

Business cards are no longer limited to contact sharing purposes rather they can act as a small window to make the people know about your company, its products/services. And, this unique opportunity is leveraged by the most futuristic augmented reality technology.

AR technology having gained accolades for bringing in transparency and accessibility in many domains is of utmost importance for the businesses too. By adding an additional layer of information to a small paper -based business cards, it can help gain high ROI to the businesses. It’s known to create an interactive platform to pitch the right message at right time. Augmented reality business cards act as a communication tool to showcase the 3D images of the products and services with the help of smart devices.

What’s has made it more popular than any other technology is the fact that its implementation doesn’t call for much of hardware or software. Either you can develop your own app to give a digital edge to your business cards or can take benefits of well-established AR apps like Yeppar that have proved excellence over the years. Transforming your simple card to smart card is a mere 2 step process:

  • A logo to be embedded on your card at a visible corner
  • 3D model/3D body scan( like Yeppar from RAMS Creation Ltd.) for bulging out digital contents

Connecting with your target audience has never been so simple before. From showcasing your creations to services and even revealing your business personality, all can be manifested at the length of your business card.

Talking about country like India, where demonetization has had hit the economy hard, this concept of augmented reality business cards would be way too economical for promoting one’s own brand. More than that, the latest move by the country’s PM towards digitizing the India economy, in such scenario, augmented reality startups serves as a boon to realize this vision.

What stays under dilemma is not only the development of supportive environment for digitization to occur but also the level of acceptance regarding this nascent technology among the masses. However, looking over the current trends of use of digital technology in many sectors, the success of augmented reality-based business cards can be expected to go beyond our expectations.

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