Love in the air: Augmented reality greeting cards

Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

Greeting cards, however, old concept it may become still charms up the recipient with a grin on face. With the concept of pop-up cards, the start quality doubled in no time. Recently, with digitization taking a toll over all sectors of life, greeting cards are no exception to it, with many companies indulged in linking the analogue and digital content, as an outcome of which is augmented reality greeting cards.

Augmented reality greeting cards looking exactly similar to the paper card with an exception that when scanned via Smart devices, brings life-like effects to the characters and content embedded within it. From a highly customized video to a talking mermaid or a flying cartoon character, much can be experimented with augmented reality greeting cards. The crust is to make the entire experience more personalized and interactive.

Not limiting the scope of augmented reality greeting cards to mere birthday wishes or festive wishes, these AR-enabled greeting cards promise to establish a strong bond between the businesses and their stakeholders. Talking of AR-enabled business greeting cards, it is yet another opportunity where the firms can impress and attract numbers of customers and turn them into potential customers. These cards may carry highly customized and enticing 3D videos and interactive platform, letting the customers know you more deeply and have a two-way communication at the same time.

There’s an age old saying, ‘picture speaks a thousand words’, and in ‘digital era’ we add, ‘Visuals make it more profound’. I guess the question arise, why settle for less when you can get more. Let the augmented reality greeting cards convey your message in the most pertinent way that touches the soul of a recipient, be it both personal and professional.

Yeppar- India’s first general purpose augmented reality Startup. Augmenting your imaginations with realities. The future is here!

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