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Mean Average Precision (mAP) — Fun & Easy Explanation

How to Measure Accuracy in Computer Vision?

How do you Measure Accuracy🎯 in Computer Vision? Well, we have created a comic that explains concepts such as Average Precision (mAP) and how you calculate it.

We used the topic of 🔫gun violence & mass shootings to not only draw awareness to the ongoing tragedies but also to start a discussion on how we can start reducing the occurrence of such events through technology🤖. Computer Vision is one such technology that can aid in an early warning detection system of weapons to alert authorities and help potential victims evade suspects in time.

==Topics discussed in this comic are as follows:==
✅ Confusion Matrix
✅ Intersection Over Union (IoU)
✅ Precision & Recall
✅ Mean Average Precision (mAP)
✅ Accuracy Curves

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