A year in review, final 2018 Community update — Friday December 28, 2018

Hey guys! In this week’s update, we take a look at the highlights from 2018 — what a ride it’s been!

We had our Token Holder Alpha in March, open Alpha in August, launched our open Beta at Comic Con Africa — with a lot in between — and were recently featured by Apple. This is also our last community update for the year, our team is taking a much needed break — but we’ll be back early in the new year, ready to rock and roll!

The 5 starters

We launched our first 5 starter creatures this year, Sha, Tundris, Ki, Markik and Tiska all made their way onto our list of favorite creatures. It seems like they’ve always been a part of the Augmentors family, but they all only officially joined the Bello Realm in 2018.

The 5 starters

Token Holder Alpha

The Token Holder Alpha took place from March 29 to 31, all 5 Starter Creatures were played over this long weekend, and over 700 games were played during Token Holder Alpha. Sonius topped the leaderboard, he played an astonishing 211 games, winning 158. Check out the top 4 from the Token Holder Alpha below, some familiar names on there!

Leaderboard in Token Holder Alpha

We received invaluable feedback from the Token Holder Alpha, and the team got to work making some big changes to the game.

The Augmentors Lore

This year, we introduced the Augmentors Lore, including all of the regions of the Bello Realm. We completed the Lore in 14 installments, culminating just before the open Beta launch at Comic Con Africa. You can get a refresher of the the complete Lore on the Augmentors website here.

Solar vs Dark Rhule


From the end of the Token Holder Alpha in March, the team worked around the clock to address all of the feedback we received, and we launched a very different game in our open Alpha in August, 2018. This included a Message of The Day, player stats, a new UI, and a non-AR mode.

The 5 Starter Creatures and the first 5 blockchain Creatures were in play for this Alpha, which was a full 7 days. We also had some media and reviewers playing during this Alpha for the first time. Sonius once again topped the leaderboard at the end of Alpha, winning 193 out 247 games — have a look at the top 5 below!

Leaderboard in Alpha

Promo Video produced and launched

Who could forget the simply epic #AugmentorsGameTrailer that was released earlier this year? Our team produced the video in-house, from location scouting, storyboarding, directing, animation and post-production. We’re pretty proud of it, if we do say so ourselves :) For those of you who have somehow missed this epic piece of Augmentors history, watch it below now!

Augmentors Game trailer

Open Beta launch at Comic Con Africa

Our open Beta launch at Comic Con Africa was possibly the highlight of the year for us at Augmentors HQ. After months and months of hard graft, we got the opportunity to see the reactions of the general public, firsthand. It was also the first time Augmentors was playable to people outside of our closed community, it was also a huge milestone to see the Augmentors game officially listed on both App Stores! All the feedback we received was critical to our next steps of development.

Our Co-founder and Creative Director Michael Deon with Grant Hinds at Comic Con Africa

Nona partnership & Blockchain development

We appointed Nona as our Blockchain development partner this year, they’ve been working with us on the web portal, marketplace and smart-contracts. The start of the Blockchain integration was an important milestone for us this year, and we can’t wait to launch the web portal in Q1 2019!

Announcement of DTBs to Ethereum

Earlier this year, we officially announced that Databits (DTBs) will be moving to the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-20 Smart Contracts have been written, we’ve had a number of discussions with Bittrex and they’re officially on board.

We decided to do this for a number of reasons, mainly:

  • There is more support for Ethereum based blockchain games.
  • Ethereum users also represent a significant captured audience for us to talk to.
  • All assets will now be on one blockchain — both the Creatures and DTBs.

This swap, as well as the first phase of the Blockchain integration, will be done in Q1 2019.

First 10 blockchain creatures revealed

We revealed 10 (yes,10!) never-before-seen creatures that are all available to play. We have many more creatures coming in 2019 — each one as epic as the last! Here’s a quick look at all of the new creatures revealed this year:

10 blockchain creatures

First 6 ICO creatures built & previewed

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing sneak-peeks of ICO creatures to help token holders decide on which creatures they want in the upcoming creature token swap. For those who missed our sneak-peaks, we’ve revealed Galaxia, Axel and Sledgewood; Headeron, Serene and Griffin. Check out their artwork below.

6 ICO creatures built

Leagues & daily rewards

On December 10, 2018 we launched the first iteration of Leagues, Seasons and Daily rewards. You can read all the details in this community update, TL;DR — each Season is one week long and players are categorized into 3 Leagues to begin with. In each League there are Divisions, players in the top of each Division will be promoted to the next league and players at the bottom of each Division will be relegated at the end of each Season. Every player that gets promoted receives a Common Reward Portal and the top 3 players in every Division get a Legendary, Epic and Rare Reward Portal, respectively.

The first version of the Daily Rewards system will run on a 7 day cycle. Every day, a player will receive some Gold and some Emeralds, this amount will incrementally increase every consecutive day that the player logs in.

Featured by Apple

We’ve been working with a few teams from Apple and earlier in December Augmentors was featured on the App Store (in select markets) in the main top slider of featured games as well as under the curated “Made in South Africa” section! We’re still having regular meetings with teams from Apple and will continue to work with them to improve the game.

Featured by Apple

Phew! What a year we’ve had — it’s easy to forget everything that’s been done, and that’s why we feel it’s important to reflect on the last 12 months before we look ahead to the new year.

And last, but certainly not least, a huge thank-you to our amazing community for coming along for the ride this year. We couldn’t have done it without you and we look forward to sharing our 2019 journey with you too!


The Augmentors Team

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