An Overview of our New Tutorial & Development Plans update. Community Update, Friday, February 22, 2019.

Hey guys! In this week’s update, we give a quick overview of our new tutorial and onboarding process, we also take you through some of our plans for the next few weeks and give an update on Seasons. Enjoy!

Welcome to The Bello Realm

As you know, we spent the month of January workshopping ideas and plans for 2019; this included some in-depth research on a number of key areas. We knew we needed to work on our onboarding process, and our research revealed that players want to have some of the story element of the game weaved into the tutorial — this increases engagement and retention. With this in mind, we created a tutorial that introduces new players to the Augmentors and Shadowmentors, and the ongoing battle in the Realm.

We’ve therefore structured the tutorial to have a bit of a story, in a comic form, that leads the player into a battle that will teach them one or two important aspects of the gameplay at a time. We’ve tested this new onboarding process with external beta testers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Most of you would have gone through this new onboarding process with the latest release (V1.1.0, available since February 19), but for those of you who haven’t done it yet here’s an overview of the first story and some of the tutorial:

First Story

The first story in the new tutorial introduces the rivalry between the Augmentors & Shadowmentors. It also gives players a glimpse at the diversity of the creatures.

New Tutorial

The tutorial is reactive, showing players one or two important aspects at a time.
We specifically ask players to use a Relic in the tutorial so that they know how to use them in game.

The new tutorial can also now be completed in AR, to show new players how to correctly place creatures and how to use this mode. Another change we’ve implemented is that all players receive all five starter creatures at the end of the tutorial process, which is why existing players were taken through the new tutorial too. Existing players also now have a chance to change their allegiance to Augmentors or Shadowmentors if they wish (this will override the previous allegiance and all your creature’s skins will reflect the new choice, no creature stats will be lost). We look forward to your feedback on our new tutorial! Of course, this is an iterative process so this is not necessarily the final version.

Upcoming Development plans

Now that we’ve completed and launched the first iteration of the new onboarding process, our team is working on implementing some bug fixes and code updates, especially those related to push notifications, daily reward systems and AR.

We’re working on updating the underlying technologies ARKit (for iOS) and ARCore (for Android), which will improve AR drifting and tracking issues across both Android and iOS devices. This is an important update and we believe it will improve the experience of playing the game in AR, so we will be pushing a build on Monday February 25. With this build, we will also implement a back-end fix to the push notification and daily reward systems. You’ll get alerted when version 1.1.1 is available on the respective stores for download. Remember you can find all the release notes for every released version on our website here.

The focus after this will be on improving the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) based on feedback from external testing. We’ll keep you updated in Discord and Telegram on the date of the release of the next version.

Update on Season 10

A technical issue with Season 10 meant it didn’t close on Sunday as it should have. The problem has been identified and our team is working on a fix that includes:

  • A manual reset and end of Season 10 on Monday morning February 25 (UTC).
  • New, more stable code that prevents abuse of the system and restructures the Leagues currently in play.

This fix will impact current players in the following ways:

  • Season 10 will end & Season 11 will kick off on Monday morning February 25 (UTC).
  • Players will be promoted/relegated based on Honor only.
  • Players may be placed into a different League to the one they are currently in based on the new structure that will reduce the total number of Leagues in play.
  • Rewards will be allocated from Season 11 onwards again.

If you have any questions around this, please reach out to us on Discord or Telegram.


The Augmentors Team

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