Augmentors product update — community update, January 19, 2018

Hi everyone,

Game development is on schedule for Q1 and I’d like to share the key areas that we’re currently working on.

The focus for Q1 is core gameplay: polishing the mechanics and adding the next set of features. We plan to include as much as possible in the Databits holder Alpha (scheduled for the end of the quarter) so you can get your hands on all the cool new bits we’re working on.

The key areas currently in development are:

Polishing game mechanics

The Early Backer Alpha gave the team insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the game mechanics. Some of the mechanics were deemed too complex, and some of the planned additions would have further complicated things. The team has reworked the plan and come up with simpler ways of adding depth while keeping things easy to understand.

A feature we’re testing at the moment is to allow players to do combos by casting spells in a specific order to do more damage. This won’t be a requirement for new players (to keep things simple) but will be easy to pick up after a few games.

Localisation support

To make it easier to add new languages at a later stage, the team is adding basic localisation support. We will launch with English but want to make sure we have the ability to quickly expand into other markets. This is a feature that becomes more expensive the later you add it so in order to future proof we’re adding it now.


In the Early Backer Alpha, the creatures came with a pre-assembled decks of spells. The deck builder will allow players to equip their creatures with a unique set of spells, changing strategy from on game to the next.

Experience points and levelling up creatures

As you win battles with your creature he/she gains experience, represented by experience points. Characters will level up when they reach specified experience points, each time receiving some benefit.

Creating new creatures

We are always working on bringing new creatures to life, both ICO creatures as well as new creatures that will be available for purchase in the game. As promised in last week’s update, we will share a lot more information about new characters as we create them in the weeks to come.

We’re very excited for Q1 and pleased with the progress made so far.

We’ll keep you posted and as always keep battling!