Databits economy design 2.0, early backer alpha & voting open for name the next creature competition — community update, November 24, 2017

Hi everyone,

Today’s community update includes the ‘Databits economy design 2.0’ (whitepaper), Early Backer Alpha, the big reveal of the shortlisted names of our ‘Name the Augmentors Creature competition’ and the official voting kick-off to name the newest Augmentors creature.

Databits economy design 2.0 — Whitepaper

Hot off the press this week, we published Databits economy design 2.0 and hosted a live webinar on November 23 to talk through the whitepaper and answer community questions. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here.

The primary aim of Databits economy design 2.0 is to align the interest of the Augmentors business, the backers, the players and all other participants in the network. The system uses Databits ($DTB) and the in-game currency, which is referred to as Databit Tethers ($DTBT) in the whitepaper (they will not be called $DTBT in the game). $DTBT are locked to $DTB at a fixed ratio and can be traded into and out of $DTB. In this new system, Augmentors derives its revenue from the selling of packs containing creatures and other consumable items. These packs will also contain some $DTBT and will be available through the in-game store. $DTBT are used in the internal virtual economy (which is powered by $DTBT) and in this economy, players will require $DTBT to utilise different game features. This means that the Augmentors business is highly incentivized to stabilise and grow the value of the network and $DTB.

Early Backer Alpha

We’ve put a call out to our bravest alpha testers (Augmentors ICO backers) to sign-up to take part in our Early Backer Alpha December 14–17, 2017. Sign up closes December 1, 2017, join us on this extraordinary journey and be among the first to battle fantastical creatures.

A reminder that the the focus of the ‘Early-backer Alpha’ is to test the core gameplay. In the ‘Token Holder Alpha’ we will release the next stage (including deck building, opening booster packs and creature customisation). The final Alpha will include all the functionality for final game release (including in-app purchases and trading in the Auction House).

We’ve had superb sign-up so far, we hope that all our early backers join us on this journey and help shape the next stage of the game.

Name the next Augmentors creature competition: It’s time to vote for the winning creature name!

We had superb name entries, big thanks to all our community members who entered the competition. And without further ado…

The five shortlisted names are:

  1. Azul
  2. Magmer
  3. Atrox
  4. Ignit
  5. Kuuken

Voting is limited to community members who have entered the competition and is weighted based on Databit (DTB) ownership as follows:

  • More than 100k $DTB: 5 votes
  • 10k — 100k $DTB: 4 votes
  • 1k — 10k $DTB: 3 votes
  • 100–1k $DTB: 2 votes
  • 1 -100 $DTB: 1 votes

The winning name is entirely up to you and will be announced on December 1, 2017. Voting is now open and closes on November 31, 2017. Full competition details here.


As always, thank you for your questions and feedback, keep the suggestions coming.

Keep battling,


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