Development update and Q1, Q2 Roadmap. Community update, January 25, 2019

Hey guys! We’ve completed our internal planning workshops and we have a development plan for the first quarter of 2019 that we’d like to share with you. Enjoy!

Development plans

You’ll remember that in November of last year, we were featured by Apple in the App Store across EMEA; this increased the number of daily downloads significantly which gave us enough data to truly understand our player behavior. These statistics showed a number of key areas that require attention.

In order to understand exactly what we need to improve, we needed external users to play the game and give detailed feedback to identify priority areas. So, we submitted the game to be reviewed by external beta testers that were aligned with our target audience. These users were recorded whilst playing the game for the first time, and they spoke through their experience so that we could pick up any trends.

This process was very valuable, and while there wasn’t one specific area identified, it did highlight opportunities for improvement across onboarding, general UI and specific gameplay. It also confirmed some of the opportunities for improvement that our existing community has recently raised.

We are now entering into an iterative process addressing these key areas, starting with onboarding — this will likely keep us busy for the majority of Q1.

DTB migration to Ethereum

Even though we’ve had to switch around priorities, we still want to ensure that we keep the momentum on the blockchain side of things. This means that the migration of Databits to Ethereum will go ahead and will still be completed in Q1.

NONA is currently working on the conversion tool and we are still on track with Bittrex, but some of the other blockchain deliverables, such as the Portal, will move to Q2. We’ll announce all the details you need to know about the migration to Ethereum in due course.

You can see our revised Roadmap for the first half of the year below.

Augmentors Roadmap Q1
Augmentors Roadmap Q2

As always, we’re still available to answer any of your questions on Discord, Telegram or via email at any time.


The Augmentors Team

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