Looking at Q1 and Q2, overview of development plans for the month and competition finalists announced! Community update, January 11, 2019.

Hey guys!

Welcome to 2019, our team is back in full force and ready to tackle the year ahead :) In our first community update of the year, we chat about our development plans for the next few months, who’s topped League 3 in the last Season, and a move to bi-weekly updates. We’re also announcing the finalists of the holiday screenshot competition, so get ready to vote!

Looking ahead at Q1 & Q2

For the last week, our team has been workshopping our goals and plans for the next two quarters. We’re at the stage where we need to focus on specific areas of the game and make targeted enhancements. We’ll release the official Roadmap for Q1 and Q2 as soon as all of our workshops are complete.

We continue to work on blockchain integration with NONA who has completed a baseline web Portal. We’ll share more details on this timeline when we release the roadmap in the coming weeks.

We’re also in talks with Bittrex and NONA to begin the final steps of converting DTB to ERC20, which will take a few months to complete the full migration to the Ethereum blockchain.


We hope that everyone is enjoying the Leagues and Seasons. We’ve seen some really great traction on the leaderboards, so we thought we’d give you an overview of last Season’s winners of the top League as extra motivation to #KeepBattling!

Top 10 from League 3 in Season 4

Congrats to all of the winners — it’s great to see a combo of new and established players!

Competition shortlist

Over the holidays we ran a screenshot competition, you can read all the rules and details in this community update. Our team has gone through all of the entries and we have a shortlist of finalists! Check them out below:

T.Belgium with Kuma vs Chroma
Bef with Incubo vs Sha
T.Belgium with Azul vs Markik
Sonius94 with Galaghos vs Chroma
T.Belgium with Incubo vs Azul
T.Belgium with Modock vs Azul

Congrats to all of our finalists! Now it’s over to you, head over to this Google Form to cast your vote — remember you only have one vote, so use it wisely! Finalists are welcome to encourage votes for their entry in any way they’d like (provided it’s legal and respectful :) ). Winners will be announced on Medium on Friday, January 18, 2019. Voting closes on January 18, 11AM UTC.

Community Updates

Up until now, we’ve been publishing weekly updates on Medium to give our awesome community very regular updates on where the game development was. Now that we’ve been in open Beta for a few months, and we’re releasing updates to the game every two weeks, we feel it pertinent to ensure that our updates to you are meaningful and full of juicy info :)

With this in mind, we’re moving to bi-weekly community updates to coincide with the release schedule of game updates. If there is big news or advancements on any of the things we’re working on, we’ll keep you updated on these outside of our regular bi-weekly updates. As always, we’re still available to answer any of your questions on Discord, Telegram or via email at any time.


The Augmentors Team

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