Sky Point Mountains and Markik: The Regions of Bello Realm and the Augmentors that call them home — community update, January 26, 2018

Hi everyone,

Another update from me this week to further immerse you into our world!

If you missed my previous update, check it out first for a bit of context on Bellow Realm, the Datasphere, Frost Fang the ice-island and Tundris the warrior!

This update focuses on the noble Markik, and his birthplace — Sky Point Mountains!

Sky Point Mountains

One of the eleven extraordinarily diverse regions of the Realm, this rocky mountain territory towers over the North of the Realm. Ancient trails lead to the snow-capped summit, which is believed, by those who make the climb… to be somewhere great wisdom can be obtained. Spending much of his life in Sky Point Mountains, Markik has been shaped by his surroundings.


One of the five starter Augmentors, Markik could be your first creature and companion.

Fierce and logical, Markik has the characteristics of a warrior who thinks before he acts, a strategist in every situation. Proud and noble, Markik is full of wise words and encouragement when it comes to his fellow Augmentors. He fights alongside Tundris to protect the Realm from harm.

Thanks to our Early Backer Alpha testers, Markik has already travelled to and fought in much of our earthly world: Amsterdam Docks and Town Square (Sven), Nordic Sea (Christian), Singapore Changi Airport (Kraze), Durban (Kyle) and Cape Town (Gert).

Now that you’re a little more familiar with Tundris and Markik — who will you choose as your first starting creature and companion? Let us know on Telegram and Twitter.

Back to creating this awesome game for me and thank you for your continued support.