Virtual economy, Databits (DTB) and the in-game currencies — community update, May 25th 2018

Gert Kruger
May 25, 2018 · 4 min read

Hey Guys!

There has been some discussion in our community channels this past week around our virtual economy, Databits (DTB) and how the in-game currencies will work. In this week’s update I’ll clarify these elements and hopefully answer all your questions.

If you haven’t done so already, please read the Databits Economy Design V2.1 before you continue to give you some background. We have updated this paper (from V2.0) to reflect the naming convention of the premium in game currency, Emeralds.

Databits (DTB)

The Augmentors economy has been designed in such a way to align the interest of the Augmentors business, the backers, the players and all other participants in the network.

Emeralds is the premium currency in Augmentors, and is locked to DTB at a fixed ratio. Emeralds can be traded into and out of DTB. Augmentors will keep DTB in a reserve to maintain a fixed ratio of 1 DTB to 1000 Emeralds. So as the game gains popularity, the amount of DTB stored in the reserve will continue to grow due to increased number of Emeralds in circulation. This was done because using DTB directly in the game introduced technical, UI and regulatory issues.

Emeralds will be purchased through packs, but players may want to bring DTB directly into the game which they will be able to do. Players will also be able to take their Emeralds out of the game in the form of DTB.

Illustrative example (not indicative of the weighting of packs):

A player buys a $10 USD pack from the in-game store. In this pack, she receives two creatures, five relics, three skins, two spells and $4 USD worth of Emeralds. At the time, one DTB is worth one USD, so she receives 4000 Emeralds. The in-app store automatically transfers four DTB to the DTB reserve to maintain the DTB and Emeralds ratio. Through extensive playing, she gains another 1000 Emeralds. After levelling up one of her creatures, she decides that she wants to sell it and lists it on the auction house.

The creature is deemed valuable because it is rare (one of 100 ever made), and because she is skilled, it has never lost a battle. She sells this creature for 10,000 Emeralds.

She now decides to cash out her Emeralds. She logs onto the website and completes the required KYC and withdraws her 15,000 Emeralds. These are removed from circulation and the proportional amount of DTB — being 15 — is sent to her counterparty enabled wallet. She then decides to sell the 15 DTB on the secondary market and because the game is popular, the price of DTB has risen to $2 USD each. She sells these 15 DTB for $30 USD.

Currencies in the game

“Most free to play games these days have opted for a multiple currency model for their economies. This all stems from the initial formula used with early free to play games that featured a dual currency system. One “Soft Currency” that players earn through gameplay and one “Hard Currency” that can only be purchased through an IAP. These days a lot of free to play games have more complex economies than this, but the principle remains the same: your players can play a lot for free and earn the Soft Currency, or trade money for time and acquire the more valuable “Hard” currency to speed up in game progression. This is by far the most popular model for free to play games, especially mobile free to play games.” — Gamesparks

We have followed a similar model and will use Emeralds as the “Hard” currency (locked to DTB at a fixed ratio) and Gold as the “Soft” currency.

Emeralds (Premium currency locked to DTB at a fixed ratio)

How do you get Emeralds?

Emeralds are the premium currency of Augmentors. Emeralds can be earned by purchasing packs of creatures, relics and other items for fiat (i.e. USD) in the game. Emeralds can also be gained by bringing your DTB into the game and as special rewards when playing.

What can you do with Emeralds?

Emeralds will be the currency used in the Auction House, the in-game marketplace, for creatures, relics and skins.

Emeralds will also be used to immediately open packs in the game and to buy Gold in the store.

The amount of Emeralds a player has accumulated will also reflect on their game profile as prestige, a cosmetic addition. This mechanism can be thought of as a staking mechanism to encourage players to hold Emeralds. This has been done to ensure the game remains fair and gamers cannot pay to win.

Emeralds can also be taken out of the game in exchange for DTB.


How do you get Gold?

Gold is the secondary currency in Augmentors. Gold can be earned from winning matches, opening of packs and by trading for Emeralds.

What can you do with Gold?

Gold can be used to upgrade spells and to play in certain arenas.

I hope this post clarifies the in-game currencies and how Emeralds are locked to DTB. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below or in our social platforms.

For those who missed the Token Holder Alpha, make sure you sign up for Alpha today!

If you haven’t already, join us on our official Discord server, Telegram and Twitter!


About Augmentors

Fore more information on Augmentors and to sign up for Alpha visit, read the Databits Economy Design and join us on Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Gert Kruger

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CEO Augmentors


Forged by the great powers of augmented reality and blockchain technologies, Augmentors puts you in control of fantastical creatures. Collect an army of powerful and rare creatures as you battle, train, sell and purchase them.

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