What to expect in the MVP. Development Update, April 19, 2019.

Hi everyone,

In today’s community update, I go over what we’re delivering in the MVP and give some more detail on specific in-game aspects. Enjoy!

A reminder of where we’re heading

Before I get into the in-game specifics, here’s a quick recap of our short-term plans and what you can expect in the next few weeks.

Earlier this year, we decided to remove Augmentors from the app stores and relook the game in its entirety. The first phase of this is to build an MVP that is really fun.

We are in the throes of developing a basic version of the new game. We’ve built this version from the ground up, using some of the development frameworks and assets from the previous version, so that we can test the basic gameplay. Last week, we started internal testing of the basic game, and we’re excited about the new strategy and feel we’re on the right track.

We’ll complete the development of the basic MVP by the end of the month and registration to participate in the closed testing will be open from April 30 until May 7, 2019. This first round of closed testing will run from May 10-May 13, 2019.

In this first release, you’ll be able to get a feel for the new direction, test and give feedback on core gameplay. We want to make sure that the core gameplay is fun and has potential before we add further layers to the game. As such, we haven’t focused on the UI for this MVP release and have instead used placeholder UI. This has allowed us to focus on the critical aspects of development, and we’ll prioritize UI and other non-core layers once we have a proven MVP.

What’s included in the MVP?

So, what should you expect for the MVP release? Here’s a rundown of what’s included in the first version of the new game:

Creatures & Classes

Preview of the new creature select menu (shown creature stats are placeholders)

There will be nine playable creatures, across all three classes (Attack, Tank & Support). In our last development update, we shared a brief explanation of the creature classes.

To recap, the three classes are:

Attack: These are attacking creatures that have one goal: destroy the enemy.

Tank: These creatures inflict low damage, but have high starting health so that they can take more damage than others.

Support: These are creatures with certain abilities that can assist the creature team in battle, for example, they could be healers or have targetable shields.

The nine creatures that will be playable in the MVP and their classes are:

9 playable creatures and their classes

Unique Abilities

Each creature will have three unique abilities that fall within five ability types:

Damage: Within the damage ability type, there are a variety of damage spell types such as single target damage; single target damage over time; multiple target damage and multiple target damage over time.

Heal: Spells that fall within the heal ability type include spells that heal single targets, entire party heal spells, regeneration spells and revive spells.

Shield: Within the shield ability type, there are a number of shield spell types such as simple shields to protect a creature, and taunt shields which makes the caster the target of all enemy spells.

Buff: Also known as beneficial effects these are spells that have positive effects on creatures within your team. An example of a Buff spell includes applying an increase in a creature’s attack or defense stats.

Debuff: These are also known as harmful effects and are spells that have negative effects on your opponent’s creatures. Examples of Debuff spells include decreasing an opposing creatures’ stats or stopping a creature from taking its turn.

An example Damage, Heal & Shield ability spells

Team Drafting

As mentioned above, you’ll have the option of nine creatures to play in the initial MVP release. Before each battle, you’ll go through a drafting process where you and your opponent will select five creatures for your team, one creature at a time. Once both players have selected their five creatures, each player will have the chance to ban one creature from their opponent’s team, bringing the total team to four creatures aside.

Example of the team picks and banning in a draft

Now that you have a bit of insight into what to expect, I hope you’re as excited as we are!

We’ll post the registration link for closed testing on Discord and Telegram on April 30. We’re looking forward to the first round of feedback from you all.

Gert Kruger

Augmentors CEO